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  1. Thanks for the replies I am running 10.6.0 and am plugged into VGA port do have an adaptor for dvi though I have not tried the boot.plist where do I find it and how do I edit it ? I tried using nvinject 512mb didn't work then loaded osx86 tools and tried to insert the efi string for 8800gt and then 9800gtx but neither work I would feel stupid if it were as simple as editing a fie or just updating the os Oh yeah also running 64bit kernel Thanks for the replies guys most grateful
  2. Evening all I hope you can help. I am now running 10.6.0 successfully using the Kakewalk method and have managed to patch the audio but am really stuck on the graphics now and have bricked two installs trying. MB GA EP43UD3L GPU 9800GT 512MB Any help appreciated I can't change screen resolution all I get is a blue screen and stuck on 1024 x 768 I have tried the v2 installer but it just gets stuck at the apple screen and pinwheels to infinity Many thanks in advance Edit also tried osx tools to insert an efi string tried the 8800gt and 9800gtx but still no good
  3. Hi Everyone Thank you for the great installer I have managed to patch the audio just fine but am having no joy with the video. Done a lot of googling on this one but everything I try bricks my install please help MB GA EP43UD3L GPU 9800GT 512MB Any help appreciated I can't change screen resolution all I get is a blue screen and stuck on 1024 x 768
  4. wangerman

    what to install?

    CPU and GPU look good what make and model is you MB ?
  5. I am still waiting for the parts for my build to come but chose the GA EP43 board as I could not get the 45 due to being difficult to get now in the UK. I would be really interested to hear from you as you have nearly the same specs as I will. If you don't mind can you tell me what the install was like for you on your hadware Thanks a lot
  6. wangerman

    Boot problems!

    Good luck mate hope it works out seems like you are on the right track
  7. wangerman

    Hallo Forum

    Hallo Andy und willkommen im Forum Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrem Erfolg. Mangelnde WiFi ist ein bekanntes Problem auf der apsires und ist in der Regel durch Austausch der WiFi-Karte für einen Dell gelöst. Hoffe Sie genießen Sie Ihre Zeit hier und bitte verzeih mein Deutsch ist sehr rostig und ich bin Englisch
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    If it were me I would choose one of the boards on here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=195248 EDIT: seems like you are in luck as I see your new choice of board is listed
  9. wangerman

    Boot problems!

    Had a google round and I can't find anything really helpful out there for you. I assume your graphics card is AGP (Can't remember the brown slot) This is about the highest specced AGP card I can find known to be running on 10.4 NVidia FX 5500 256MB AGP Video Card
  10. wangerman

    Need advice for a desktop system

    The catch is you need to know what components work with a hackintosh, I doubt you can configure a pre-built system to this level when buying off of the likes of Dell. If you want to take a chance buy a system you like and hope for the best. If you want an easier time and as your first post states you do then build your own machine using known working components. you could of course phone up every manufacturer and ask them the build of their machines in detail but I am sure you don't want to do that
  11. wangerman

    Install Leopard on HP DV6500 Laptop?

    Personally I always start as a fresh install so I know there isnt anything still on the drive to mess things up. If you have made backups and have the OS install disks then go ahead and wipe the drive. I don't believe the type of format you choose makes much of a difference as you have to reformat to Mac journaled anyway. If it were me I would format as fat 32. even better do you have a spare drive ?. I like to do a trial install of any os first on this before messing with the main system. Carefully record every step you make so when you finally have an install up and running you can replicate this on your main drive.
  12. wangerman

    Need advice for a desktop system

    If you really want it easy just do exactly as stated here http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required
  13. wangerman

    Boot problems!

    Do you know the exact make and model of your MB, Looks like you have on board graphics judging by the amount of memory
  14. wangerman

    Install Leopard on HP DV6500 Laptop?

    Hello mate hope you had a good day You will almost certainly need a bootloader have a read up here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSx86#Boot_lo...s_and_emulators And you can make a booting retail install of SL I have never tried to make my own bootable version of another distro Guide for a bootable SL pen drive here http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required There is even a video