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  1. WinGrub Setup

    That doesn't work for me. I did all of that and got Grub installed and working on the MBR. It boots Windows from there, but when trying to boot OSX (which for me is on (hd0,5) ) it says... Error 12 Invalid device requested The WinGrub program itself tells me that (hd0,5) is where OSX is installed, so I am assuming it is correct. OS X itself calls it disk0s6 but it numbers partitions from 1, rather than from 0 of course. I also tried changing root (hd0,5) to rootnoverify (hd0,5) which I had read elsewhere, but that made no difference. Any ideas?
  2. No, that doesn't work for most people, hence this thread! It only works on a very limited number of setups, eg. Intel 915 graphics.
  3. I don't think there is a known solution yet. I can use 1280x1024x32 in VMWare fine, but natively 1024x768 is the highest I can go without it being 4-bit (?) colour (black & white). If I do ?video at the boot menu it says that 1280x1024x16 is available (not 32) but when I select it, it is still black & white. I am using the Macvidia alpha driver as well btw. I think we need to wait for someone to find a fix
  4. OSX Wont LOAD after Quicktime 7 install

    You can install iTunes 6 without needing to install QT7. It isn't like Windows where the two come joined together.
  5. I just tried this and it works for me, thanks trac and macgirl! I have a Geforce4 Ti 4200. I have OSX in a VMWare image, and OSX installed natively on a separate hard drive. I used VMWare and booted into single user mode (-s), with the physical drive connected in VMWare as macgirl said she did. I had trac's boot file on my VMWare install of OSX, so I cd'd to the directory where the boot file was then just did startupfiletool /dev/rdisk1s1 boot , then booted off the physical disk. I then did platform=x86pc "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@85" and it works perfectly. I can't adjust the refresh rate within OSX itself but I am now at 85Hz, the picture is so much easier to look at plus my monitor's OSD confirms that it is 85Hz. Excellent
  6. Install of QuickTime 7.0 breaks things

    Exact same problem here, installed QT7 and now it won't boot.. hangs at the 'starting Mac OS X' screen.. I came here looking for a solution So I need to start over huh!
  7. Lin-ucks Caysh or cash (I prefer caysh) As for OS X, I always think of it as it is written, ie. oh es ex, but Steve Jobs says 'oh es ten' and I guess he'd know which is correct
  8. x86 Tiger International Panel

    If that is the patch that means SSE2 chips can run iTunes and iDVD etc. then I've done that, but the International panel still doesn't open. Or at least, not in a reasonable space of time so I killed it - should I wait for a few minutes?
  9. I don't think Microsoft are quite as litigious as Apple!
  10. This site is still working.. http://www.360hacker.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=11
  11. concretesurf has gone.. whether it has anything to do with Apple or they just couldn't pay their bandwidth bill, who knows. edit - just noticed bofors has already pointed this out.. sorry
  12. Slow GUI (CPU at 100%)

    My Ti 4200 is recognised as an AGP card without needing to do anything. As for the platform=acpi|x86pc, I thought you were meant to choose one, ie.:- platform=acpi or platform=x86pc Not both.
  13. Refresh rates

    Has anyone managed to successfully up the refresh rate from 60Hz? I'm using a CRT monitor and it's painful at that frequency. My card is a 128MB Geforce4 Ti 4200, which is recognised as a VESA 3.0 card on the boot screen. I have tried entering "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@85" but all that happens is, it starts to boot and then resets a few seconds later! I have tried other refresh rates and even lower resolutions too. I can change the resolution that way, but if I try and change the refresh rate it just won't boot. My card is supported by OSX so there should be a way of getting this to work, right?! There is an error message while booting - which doesn't stop it booting though - which may or may not be related:- Anything else I can try?
  14. x86 Tiger International Panel

    This does not work for me? I moved the fonts as above but I still get the spinning beachball when I try and change International settings, and at lots of other times, with killall ATSServer the only way to regain control.
  15. SSE2 (centrino): "International" not working

    I tried that fix and it hasn't worked for me.. I moved all the .OTF fonts (which appear as ????????.OTF - I also moved some ????????.TTF fonts when just moving the OTF ones didn't work) into a separate folder, and rebooted. No difference?