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  1. Why I can't use this kernel on my A8-4500M?it auto reset when kexts loaded
  2. Bitcore,do you know why I got instant reboots when loaded kexts,my CPU is AMD A8-4500M(APU),whatever sinetek's kernel or AnV's kernel,I used all boot flags -v -force64(-arch=x64_86) busratio= fsb= Is these kernels not supported for APU? I can install and use SL&Lion on my processor,but never ML
  3. CPU:A8-4500M,I got instant reboots when loaded kexts,boot flags such as busratio,-f,-arch=x64_86,npci=0x2000 is not use for me,still reboot,please help me
  4. can't use on APU such as A8-4500M,instant reboots when loaded kexts,please update the kernel to support this
  5. A8-4500m install ML2 instant reboots when loaded the kext files,please help
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