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  1. I just installed the card, connected up my SSD drive and then the SSD was visible as one of the options as a boot drive in the BIOS. What motherboard do you have? What HD or SSD are you attaching to it? Any other drives? Have you go the jumpers selected properly for internal vs external jumpers?
  2. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-p...spx?pid=3444#sp That says that it is a PCI-Express-x1 port (after using your Graphics card port with your GFX card) To get full speed you need a PCI-Express-x2 port Sorry man but I don't think that you can do it on your board without taking your graphics card out.
  3. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    And MacMan is now editing the ATI.c in trunk directly and merging this into Chimera so everyone is benefiting !
  4. Hi Sorry for the previous post - I then saw your signature. From looking at the manual for that board it looks like you've only got one PCI-Express 2.0 port which I'm guessing that you are using that for your Graphics Card. If you are using a PCI-Express 1 port then it will be slower than full SATA III speed.
  5. I've only got one 6GB/s drive and that my SSD that I'm booting off. I need to make a test Lion build on another HD to have a go at this.
  6. @Carti - Just in case - Thread
  7. Glad something is working again but does DVD Player still crash with GE=No ? Surely with this we can patch the 10.7.2 11C37 connector tables to work again ?
  8. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Search function on forums is highly useful. Try also heading over to Netkas's blog and forum.
  9. Hi guys, Just a quick one to say that thanks to a recommendation from lostswede that I now have SATA 6GB/s working on my X58A-UD3R board in OSX Loin !!!! I'm running a OCZ Vertex3 which should run at up to 500 GB/s. On the Intel SATA II ports on the X58 chipset I was getting around 250 GB/s and now on the PCIe card I'm getting 410 GB/s. The chipset that you want to look for is "ASM1061" http://www.asmedia.com.tw/eng/e_show_produ...;cate_index=117 I got my card on eBay from a Hong Kong seller and it arrived after 2 weeks and only cost £15 ! I got slower speeds out of it first time around because I didn't have the card in one of the PCI Express 2.0 slots - I had it in a PCIE_1 because it is a short card. I can select to boot from the drive in the BIOS and I'm getting very good speeds in OSX. Note that the card is not a RAID card but just a SATA controller but it does have 4 ports - 2 internal and 2 external. At 400 GB/s it's more than quick enough for me and saved me wanting to buy a Z68 chipset motherboard ..... for now at least ! I hope this helps ! The card currently shows as Unknown controller but I'm seeing if one of the other admins can help make a simple kext to change those aesthetics. And big thanks to the swede for the heads up !!!! P.P.S. Here's a link in case you want to view the exact one I ordered/ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-PCI-E-SATA-3...#ht_7946wt_1319 It's just sitting in the bottom most PCIe slot - the slot is much longer than the card but that's because the smaller slots on the X58A-UD3R are only PCI-Express 1.0 not PCI-Express 2.0 hence you don't get the full speed that you could. As I said, the important thing is the CHIPSET not the specific card but by all means order the same card as me but it's unbranded and from a random seller so you can't guarantee getting the exact same card as me - but as long as it has a ASM1061 then you should be fine.
  10. I'm very keen on tracking anyone else's progress here as I've just been offered a 27" LED ACD for a reasonable price but I'm running the Gigabyte Batmobile 5770. The main issue is that it's quite expensive to get an then find it doesn't work but I take your point that I could fork out for a 6870 to run it . But that will negate cheapness of the screen. Anyways - I will keep on reading and searching !
  11. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Hi guys, Any clarification on the latest updates to Chameleon: http://forge.voodooprojects.org/p/chameleo...e/changes/HEAD/ I'm just wondering where we have got to with being able to keep kexts in /E/E rather than moving them all to /S/L/E? Cheers
  12. Thanks for this ! It worked for me - I just tried loading a different framebuffer using AtiConfig at Chameleon boot screen and it changed the verbose output ! Cheers man! Can I ask if it can be added to the next update of ATI.c ?
  13. @Kabyl - I have seen a lot of newbie's getting confused about something and I was wondering if you might be able to help. In the current coding - the verbose output on boot is the graphics card name and the framebuffer that is autoloaded via ID recognition and doesn't take into account if anyone has forced the framebuffer via AtiConfig - it still shows the autoloaded framebuffer in the boot message. Now I know it seems obvious that if you force the framebuffer then you should know what you are loading but I was wondering if there would be anyway to tweak the verbose output so that it shows if you using AtiConfig to override what would be the default card given by the IDs in ATI.c This isn't really an issue that needs fixing but more of a "would be nice to" but I understand if you have more urgent matters to fix. Maybe it you used AtiConfig it could show both what the default would be and what was forced ? Something like this - maybe it could look cleaner ? Anyways - no worries if you are working on other projects but I thought I'd ask.
  14. Is your FakeSMC in /E/E or /S/L/E ? Try moving to /S/L/E and repair permissions and fix cache. Then try again.