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  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial. My experience may be handy for some people: I have 2 SSD's, a 250Gb and a 60GB. When I upgrade OSX on my Hackintosh, I first install to the 60GB and run off it for a week or so, then clone it over my 250GB when I'm sure everything's OK. Traditionally I was doing that with Carbon Copy Cloner (great software), but then I often have to re-do various Hackintosh-y stuff involving the EFI partition. So this time around, I thought I'd give Clonezilla a go. I had two main problems, both of which I overcame, but thought I'd share my experience in case it shortcuts someone else to solve these problems: 1. Computer would not boot after clone. Clover loaded fine off the cloned drive (250GB), but the OSX loading bar slowed, and slowed, and slowed, then I got a ø symbol. I thought that was weird for an exact clone of a perfectly functioning drive, but restarted, went into EFI boot device screen, chose my old 60GB drive that had been working fine for a week... same thing. Panicked. Couldn't see how copying from a drive with Clonezilla could make it unbootable. Disconnected 250GB drive inside my case... and it booted fine off the old 60GB. OK, reconnected the 250GB and disconnected the 60GB... booted fine again off the Cloned drive. OK... weird. Thought maybe OSX was confused about them having the exact same name and everything, renamed the 250GB drive, plugged 60GB back in, booted... once again, would not boot off either drive. So while Clonezilla works flawlessly, there are at least some cases where OSX gets really upset about two identical drives on SATA. Not a problem once you know about it. I can boot from my USB Sierra installer and reformat the 60GB when I want to use it again. 2. Drive size - now I had my 250GB running fine, just like the old 60G. Clone was fine. Except the 250GB reported its drive size as... 60GB. Disk Utility showed the disk size as 250GB, but the partition size as 60GB, and wouldn't let me change the partition size. Rebooted off USB, Disk Utility - still couldn't change partition size. Downloaded several 3rd party partitioning tools - none of them would resize it either. Downloaded Gparted Live and followed the exact instructions from the first part of this tutorial again to make a bootable Gparted USB off the ISO. Booted off of that - Gparted would't allow me to resize the boot partition either. Messed around with it, read forums for a long time. Eventually created a second HFS+ partition using all remaining free space and restarted into OSX. Disk Utility again - deleted the new partition I'd made with Gparted, and finally! Drive shows 250GB.