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  1. yellowviolent

    Mountain Lion 32-bit Kernel?

    ML doesn't have that many new features to begin with, and the few it does are not available to Lion users. Notification Center, dictation, Facebook/Twitter integration, Messages, iCloud Tabs in Safari (Safari 6 on Lion has horrible performance issues. I've noticed in my testing that even with graphics only being partially accelerated, Safari 6 on ML is way faster). Running ML is the point of this whole thread.
  2. yellowviolent

    Thoughts about Mountain Lion with Atom (yes, Atom)

    I believe Ethernet BSD Device Name needs to be set to en0 in order for FaceTime, iCloud, App Store, etc to work. Mine was set to en1 and my Wi-Fi was set to en0, so I had to uninstall kexts for Ethernet and Wi-Fi, reboot, then install Ethernet first, reboot, and then install Wi-Fi in order to set them to the correct order. You can check in System Information how your system is currently configured. I am using MacBookPro5,5 smbios btw.
  3. yellowviolent

    Mountain Lion 32-bit Kernel?

    I don't understand why the GMA 950 kext would need to be from a 10.8 release. It hasn't been updated since Snow Leopard, and the SL kext still works in Lion. A hacked x64 GMA 950 kext with partial acceleration has been released and I found it worked OK in ML GM, not nearly as bad as completely unaccelerated, but not nearly as well as the x32 kext works in Lion. Some of us are still stuck on older hardware. My system in particular can run ML just fine, all hardware components are fully functional with the exception of graphics. To be so close to perfectly functional day to day system is the point of even discussing the usage of an x32 ML kernel. You know, a lot of people have that same opinion when it comes to osx86 in general. They don't see the point of hacking PC hardware to run OS X when you can just go out and buy a Mac! I agree there comes a time when we need to give old technology the boot, but Macs running with GMA 950 are not that old. It's not like we're discussing hacking 10.8 to run on PPC. Anyhow, lots of owners of older MacBooks are plenty interested in getting ML to run on their hardware, it's not just a tiny segment of the osx86 community. And as I've already mentioned before, 32-bit kexts for ML do exist, in the DP1. I don't see how forcing the system to load an older 32-bit variant of the kext would prevent it from loading.
  4. yellowviolent

    Mountain Lion 32-bit Kernel?

    It's my understanding that a 64-bit CPU (ex. C2D) can run 64-bit frameworks and programs even if the system is booted from a 32-bit kernel. The only restriction would be x64 kexts, because a 32-bit kernel can only run 32-bit kexts. I would just run ML with a 64-bit kernel, but I have GMA 950 for video, so I need either a x64 driver or a x32 kernel so I can run ML like I run Lion right now. I understand that ML GM has had all 32-bit architecture stripped out, leaving behind only 64-bit. It's also my understanding that this removal was done gradually, more was stripped away with each ML DP. Is there any way we can "Frankenstein" together the 32-bit kexts so the system will load? 64-bit frameworks and programs should run fine on a 32-bit kernel, provided the CPU is capable of 64-bit instruction. This is exactly how Lion is (Finder is 64-bit, etc).
  5. yellowviolent

    Mountain Lion 32-bit Kernel?

    I tried replacing /System/Library/Extensions with the /Extensions folder from ML DP1 (DP1 contains 32-bit kexts), but almost immediately get a panic relating to AppleACPIPlatform, IOACPIFamily, and IOPCIFamily kexts. I've tried numerous combinations of 10.7.4/10.6.8 versions of these kexts as well, but no matter what I get the same panic. Panic is AppleACPIPlatform.kext with IOACPIFamily and IOPCIFamily as dependencies. Also get a KP relating to AppleEFINVRAM and AppleEFIRuntime.
  6. yellowviolent

    VoodooPS2 optimized for Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger

    I'd still like to see if any work is being done on getting multi-touch gestures working for Synaptics trackpads in Lion. My system has support for two-finger scrolling but no 3 or 4-finger gestures seem to be working.
  7. yellowviolent

    Mac OS X Lion (Retail) on HP HDX16 / HDX18 / DV6 / DV7

    Any updates on this? Much appreciated
  8. yellowviolent

    Buying a netbook, reccomendations?

    I'm running 10.6.8 with sound, wifi, eth, bt, full QE/CI. HP Mini 1151NR w/ Intel Atom N270. The only thing that really sucks is the processor is 32-bit only so no Lion for me (´Д` )
  9. yellowviolent

    install oxs on hp 1000 mini

    I was able to create a bootable USB thumb drive from Windows by using VMWare to run a virtual machine running OS X. Once you have the OS X VM running, you should be able to get it to recognize your USB disk and proceed to use Disk Utility within OS X. You may have to go through the VMWare menus to disconnect your USB disk from the host machine to the virtual machine. It's some menu item like "power-on devices" or something similar. Be aware that this may take quite a while, between 45 min to over an hour is normal. You should be able to find a VMWare compatible OS X distro by searching the regular sites you would use to find OS distros. Alternatively, you can also burn an osx86 DVD install distro (these are Windows-friendly burnable images like .iso and .img) and boot the netbook from a USB DVD drive. This was the method I used to first install OS X. Make sure you burn the DVD at the slowest speed your burner supports. Burning at a higher speed may increase the likelihood of a non-viable install DVD. Once you have OS X up and running, I strongly recommend you make an OS X install USB through Disk Utility using the method described in tutorials.
  10. Any suggestions for updating to 10.6.8? AppleIntelGMA950.kext and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext now give me scrambled graphics on my 0x27ae8086 =(
  11. yellowviolent

    10.6.8 stuck on boot

    Install these kexts (ACPI PCI Kexts) in Sys/Lib/Extensions. I had to do it through terminal via my 10.6 install USB. EDIT: Whoops, sound card issue. Sorry about that. Same link still applies for other 10.6.8 issues. Good luck.
  12. yellowviolent

    AppleIntelGMA950 broken in 10.6.8?

    Since upgrading to 10.6.8, I have been unable to get AIGMA950 to accelerate properly. AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer is working fine as I am able to see my wallpaper and screen calibration again (not entirely sure what that kext does). I've never had an issue with either of these kexts after an update but I haven't been able to get QE working again. Please help! I'm running 10.6.8 on an HP Mini 1151NR and have gotten along fine with Meklort's NBI.
  13. yellowviolent

    ATI Radeon X1200 QE Support?

    Is there any support for this video card in Snow Leopard? I'm trying to make a dual boot Win7/SL netbook for my aunt, but I won't even bother if there's no way to get hardware support for graphics. Thanks for any replies.
  14. yellowviolent

    Slow installers and SSDs

    Hi, I'm very new to the whole osx86 scene, but have managed to get both my HP mini 1000s updated to 10.6.5 without any issues. One thing that has been irritating me this whole time is how long upgrades would take; specifically, system updates ran through Installer. They would often seem to hang or take much longer than the estimated time would indicate. I initially thought it was just a side effect of it being run on different hardware, but after reading the Wikipedia article on solid-state drives, I'm beginning to think it may be something else altogether. Specifically, under the section "Quality and performance": Could this be the reason why installs seem to drag? I have only experimented with machines with SSDs, so I have no idea if similar phenomena are experienced on machines with optical drives. Sorry if this issue is covered elsewhere.
  15. yellowviolent

    hp mini 1000 aka 1151nr

    I have the 1151nr as well and I easily got leopard 5.5 on there with iDeneb 1.3 The exact distro I used was iDeneb 1.3 for OS X 10.5.5 From there, you can update to 10.5.8, try and use a disk image of the update for best results, rather than downloading the update from the Software Update utility. I think I was able to do a vanilla snow leopard install from there, can't quite remember at the moment.