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  1. Hi guys, it's nice to see that some vanilla installs seem to work even with HDMI, but this is not the problem. It seems the HDCP protocol mainly used by HDMI connections lead to the blank screen problem since 10.6.5. But for this problem there is no solution found so far, correct? I'm really asking myself again and again what could it be that the nvidia driver is missing in the IOReg (or somewhere else) to activate HDMI+HDCP. In my case on a vanilla 10.6.5 system it's no problem to boot when I connect a normal 17" LCD via DVI that doesn't know anything about HDCP. When connecting the 24" LCD which is capable of HDCP via DVI there is the blank screen again. The same when connecting it via a DVI-HDMI adapter with HDMI cable. Until 10.6.4 simply injecting the 8800GT rom was sufficient to get everything working. I already tried to install the fermi drivers because I somewhere read that they also support G92 cards, but without any success. I would disable HDCP in my display if I could, but there is no option for this :-(
  2. Updated but don't have video anymore. I had the same problem after updating from 10.6.3 to .4 . I fixed that by injecting a MacPro880GT.rom in the bootloader but now after updating to 10.6.5 I have this blank screen problem again! But this time I don't know how to fix it so far. I hope someone has an idea. I use a display connected via DVI to my 8800GT. The display is able to to do HDCP (via HDMI or DVI). Any1 else have this problem? I updated via ComboUpdate and another try simply by SU -> both give me a blank screen :-( Best regards
  3. Yes, I have the same problem. The nvidia drivers get initilized but get blank screen when the windowserver should start up. I use a DVI Monitor which is HDCP able. I had the same problem when updating from 10.6.3. to 10.6.4. I solved it with injecting the MacPro8800GT.rom within the boot loader, but now when updating from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5 I have the same problem again. I did not find a solution for this so far and I hope someone knows what the problem is. The update contains driver updates for all kinds of GPUs (Intel, ATI and NVidia), so I guess it has something to do with this. I was really surprised to see the same problem again after injecting an original 8800GT BIOS. I am nearly vanilla an all other parts of the hardware (except voodooHDA and Realtek Ethernet). Someone else who has this blank screen problem again in 10.6.5?? Best regards macdanger
  4. Hi there, any1 here from voodooprojects forum? I can't register either no matter what I try. I alway get this nice SPAM picture :-) If any1 could help here... regards
  5. Hi Bansaku, I tried it without the _PR scopes in my DSDT but got Kernel panic at loading the InteCPUPowerManagement. I have the P55-UD4 with F5 BIOS. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or I have the wrong boot loader. My bootloader is the one referenced in tonymacs blog in "Tweaking Your System: Get Rid of Restart Kexts & New Chameleon RC4 Development" I had a hard time to get my system back but i found a HDD with a working boot environment floating around :-D greetings macdanger
  6. Wow, found out why my geekbench was so low: I updated my P55-UD4 BIOS from f3 to f5 and now I have a geekbench of >9000 Additionally I found this in my startuplog: 20.01.10 23:17:25 kernel AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement: Turbo Ratios 1145 20.01.10 23:17:25 kernel AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement: initialization complete Never had this before even when activating all advanced features in M.I.T. And even the startup is much faster now. Hope this helps others greetings macdanger
  7. Hi A4Mode, is this your geekbench with or without overclocking? I have the P55-UD4 and i7 but I don't get more than 6600 no matter which boot file I use. I alread set everything to Enabled in M.I.T. but doesn't change anything. And yes, it seems native speedstepping is working, I can see that in my volt-o-meter. The system is using 97W when idle, exact the same as under Windows 7 when idle. Maybe a geekbench of around 6600 (64Bit) and around 5000(32Bit) is normal without overclocking? greetings macdanger OK, it seems the newes chameleon boot files at least solved the drive resetting but it doesn't help for automatic sleep. I will try to set the controller for the Bluray drive to IDE, maybe this helps. For now the little tool "PleaseSleep" seems to do a very good job for autosleep. It just works. Greetings macdanger
  8. Thanks for the link. I will test this. It seems a bit more intelligent then the other AppleSripts floating around. If it works, I will definitly donate to the author. Thanks for the replay, I will try the new fixed Chameleon RC4 with the new boot file. Maybe it helps. I will edit this Post for the results.
  9. Hi Bansaku, This didn't help the autosleep problem. I searched the whole forum a bit. It seems true that some optical SATA drives prevent OSX from Autosleep. I'm wondering to open a new thread all about what drives does work flawlessly and which don't. Perhaps some of you guys with P55 Chipset first tell us which drives prevent OSX from autosleep. I will begin with mine: LG BH08LS connected via SATA to one of the Intel SATA ports: Manual sleep works Autosleep doesn't work It resets itself from time to time when idle but doesn't disappear after sleep and also doesn't cause any error entires in the console log. I wrote an E-Mail to LG-Support concerning the firmware supporting Mac's sleep commands. Maybe I will get a reasonable answere, then I will post it here. Any1 else with Bluray SATA drive (burner) who have proplems with sleep or perhaps is working properly with sleep. greetings macdanger
  10. Hi Erwego, I packed up all the stuff that could be relevant and uploaded it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yn0jnfnfydm/...for_P55-UD4.zip You should change the UUID in the <key>SystemID</key> in the com.apple.Boot.plist to the UUID of your Snow Leopard partition, just to have a unique one. It contains my chameleon RC4 with only 2 KEXTs, my DSDT and a special boot file from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1369210 It has some very nice patches in it like a reboot fix for gigabyte board and rekursors fixes (see the post). I also kicked the JMicron KEXT because it seems to do nothing on my rig. So it's only the LegacyHDA.kext and the FakeSMC.kext what's left :-) Also check the following for sleep: 1) All 3 Checkboxes in the Energie settings in control panel must be checked. It may help to uncheck them first then recheck, I had a feeling than the settings were only realy active this way. 2) In your BIOS Settings check that PowerManagement is set to S3 and all SATA controlers are set to AHCI 3) I have only one USB device inserted into one of the lowest 4 USB Ports on the rear panel (the black ones near the Ethernet plug). I have the apple aluminium keyboard and into it's USB port I pluged the logitech receiver. 4) I have a nvidia 8800GT from ASUS plugged into PEG Port nearest to the CPU. I use chameleons Graphics-Autodetection. 5) My HDD and SATA-Bluray device are plugged into the first two blue SATA Ports (SATA2_0 and SATA2_1) 6) I have BIOS Version F3 installed So, I hope you will get sleep and audio too now :-) Just give it a try! BTW: as of BIOS you may just load the standard values and then set all SATA to AHCI, that should be sufficient. I swithed of the GIGABYTE full screen boot logo too because it is really ugly ;-) One last question to all others with a SATA DVD or Bluray drive: it seems OSX tries to set it to sleep from time to time but this makes no sense, so I often here the drive reseting. Does anyone have the same Problem and perhaps a solution? I can't deactivate the sleep options for HDDs because then sleep doesn't work anymore :-| I hope it works regards macdanger
  11. see the attached DSDT.aml for P55-UD4, but ATTENTION: there is Speedstep info for i7 in it, maybe you should remove it first :-D Oh, I'm not permitted to upload http://www.mediafire.com/file/m4driz4wejj/DSDT.aml
  12. Good news for audio: I checked the DSDT for the P55-UD4 from tonymac's blog. The DSDT doesn't have the PinConfiguration, so I replaced the whole HDEF device with the ALC888 code from tonymac's DSDT-fixes (on his blog too). Then I just added the LegacyHDA.kext from this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140941 (see post one and search for "Series of LegacyHDA.kext for Gigabyte ALC888 and ALC889a 10.5.8 & SL Ready") to /Extra/Extensions and rebuilt the kext-cache with kextUtility. I have the original AppleHDA from 10.6.2 in my /S/L/E ! I downloaded the LegacyHDA Series from here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=53344 I didn't test all Ins and Outs but it seems it has even digital out. There are severeal preconfigured PinConfigurations in the package. I used the "4outs2ins HDA headphone" one. Last thing I have to figure out is why the PC resets when waking up. I have the PC EFI 10.5 as boot and chameleon RC3. I saw some other newer boot files floating around but I lost overview Maybe it is a problem with the boot file... Can someone with P55-UD4 help? Any Idea what could cause the PC to reset after wakeup? EDIT: Damn, I even got sleep to work! After I added speedstep info for my i7 into DSDT and fixed audio, it seems to work when checking all three checkboxes in the enegie configuration panel! Greetings macdanger
  13. I have the P55-UD4 and still got some problems: 1) sleep isn't working right now: it goes into sleep within 1 sec but when it wakes up the PC is restarted 2) sound seems not to be so easy. I got it working with voodooHDA once, but after removing IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext I got kernal panic with voodooHDA The UD4 has ALC888 Audio codec (without "B") where the UD2 has ALC888b which seems to have better support (at least most people here got it working) Greetings macdanger
  14. I will bump that too :-) Especially I want to know what dsmos.kext does exactly. I'm wondering if it's still needed if you choose PC_EFI with vanilla kernel and kexts, or nearly the whole original install DVD... Thanks in advance to the one who will enlighten us :-)
  15. macdanger

    AppleHDA: ALC880 / ICH7 working, Guide to adapt

    @MadTux:I did trial and error, but this only gave me a crackling line-out, nothing else. I completely recreated the layout. This is not so difficult and is descibed in Tarugas Guide. U need either a linux codec dump of your sound chip or you just go to the Realtek website. The have a very fine documentation (data sheet) about their codecs. In the documentation there is block diagram of all connections the chip has. These connections (or relations) must be presented in the layout.Example:You want to add line-out... you need a plug, an amplifier and a sound source. If you look into the documentation of the realtec alc880 in the block diagram you will find this:Fount-OUT-L/R (14h) ---> Amp (0Ch) --> DAC (02h)If you are not sure, if this is the plug you want, verify this in your linux dump where the plugs are better described:Node 0x14 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x40018d: Stereo Amp-Out Amp-Out caps: ofs=0x00, nsteps=0x00, stepsize=0x00, mute=1 Amp-Out vals: [0x00 0x00] Pincap 0x083f: IN OUT HP Detect Pin Default 0x01014010: [Jack] Line Out at Ext Rear Conn = 1/8, Color = Green Pin-ctls: 0x40: OUT Connection: 1 0x0cAnd additionally you can see to which amp it connects (0x0c)The only pain is that you have to calculate all values from hexa decimal (in the dump and the data sheet) to decimal values in the plist.I hope this helps a bit :-)greetings macdanger This error comes from kexts that doesn't have the right permissions in the file system. Just do a "Repair Permissions" in the Disk Utility and ALCInject should load fine!