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  1. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    Hello does anybody know, why my intel pro/100 VE onboard of my DELL 4600i doesnt get regonized from time to time? I have 10.5.2 running ( without QE..) and now and then it comes the line during boot up, that the content of this chip us unknown . Does someone experienced this too? I have to reboot until it gets it. Annoying...
  2. Dell Dimension 4600 KALYWAY_LEOPARD_10.5.1 Installation?

    Ich denke, ich weiss warum des net get: für sone GPT-Partition brauch man wohl ne 64-Bit Architektur. Und im 4600i steckt nun mal nur 32bit Zeugs. Schade, des wäre ne schöne Grundlage fürn Leopard. Also demnächst mal nen Mac kaufen.
  3. Dell Dimension 4600 KALYWAY_LEOPARD_10.5.1 Installation?

    Mahlzeit :-) hat jemand von Euch schonmal EFI und GUID probiert? Ich habe es probiert und nach den Schritten im HowTo sind meine OSX Partitionen plötzlich UNIX-partitions. Kennt jemand dieses Problem? Nach dem Install von OSX geht natürlich nix... Danke
  4. i changed the applesmbios.kext with the netkas one and my about apple doesn't crash anymore and it seems to effect my network thing positive. Before it was more like Russian roulette, will i have network or not. The only thing what doesn't work is this graphic card. What CG with AGP does work? It shouldn't be something like a gf5200. Are there some 7900er cards agp which does work with full acceleration? OK, ok i know the answer is somewhere in this forum, i will look for it too.
  5. yes because my graphiccard isnt working with full acceleration. With the 5200 and tiger it worked and now i have to figure something out, to get wether another card or wait for a real mac. concerning the sound: Dont know if it is working, if we have to use a different jack as it is meant...know what i mean? For leopard it is more difficult with a older rig. So perhaps its time for some new stuff...
  6. Hello :-) @ trymac: i have a 4600i and can get sound via the blacksound jack at the sound panel (backside). How do you get your sound out of? @tonymacx86: what is the last point c for? Why boot in safe mode for a sec? Now and then i have this problem when i reboot or just start the machine, it switches off again if it comes to boot the osx (darwin). Its frustrating and i dont know how start the search for the problem. If i boot in safemode, it always works but not on normal boot.
  7. problem with installing leopard(kalyway)

    it might help somehow: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...for_root_device do you have sata or ide harddrives?
  8. hp 6720s Laptop

    Könntest ja auch mal das ToH Image testen, hab zwar kein Notebook, aber probleme mit Kalyway, mit ToH ging alles wie am Schnürchen...
  9. hp 6720s Laptop

    Mahlzeit , schon mal probiert, das WLAN-Teil zu deaktivieren? Oder generell alle Lan-Chips zu deaktivieren? Was sagt denn das Bootlog so, während du von DVD startest?
  10. 512Mb nVidia FIX - DONE !

    did you flash your card now? Just curios if it worked for you... :censored2:
  11. Whats happening here?

    So well, finally i have a running leo install on my DELL Dimension 4600 via the ToH DVD. Except my graphics card (7900GS AGP with 512MB) and the "About this mac" (crashes) does it work so far. I changed the resolution via the apple.boot.plist so it isnt that bad to look at. But without a QE/QC it isnt that usefull. Might only be fixable by getting a real mac
  12. Hello there :-) i am at the same point i have a prescott with 3GHZ, switched even to my old GF5200 but it helped nothing. This image has some walls where such a maschine just cant get through. Are there other kernels than that one in this image, i mean modified ones? At the moment i believe that my install disks are buggy by the burning process (hope heh). Definitly there is nothing better than a real mac....
  13. Wow! Everything working FINALLY.

    @sujaan did you had any problems during boot of the install image? do you mind show your boot log here so i can see whats happening on your maschine? Its because i have the same rig as you but i cant even boot the install dvd, even if i change to my old fx5200. Seems likeit stops at the point, where it comes to the gui install menu. Thank you
  14. Wow! Everything working FINALLY.

    it wouldnt only, it is in fact a AGP card