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  1. Reporting success on GA-P35-DS3, e6750 c2d, Msi Geforce 7300gt 256 mb ram, 4gb Corsair xms2 ddr2 ram 800mhz. Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD + GUID + Efi + Vanilla.kernel. Everything went as smooth as butter. Gained 3 points on Xbench lolz. Installed Kalyways comboupdate and then kernel and then even graphics update from aapplle and it all worked smooth and fast with one or two black screen 1 minute pauses but all thats normal. Thank you Kalyway for a wonderfull dvd and these updates.
  2. thanks wigworm will try that ^^
  3. Anibalin what hardware do u use? Do u get graphics errors when screensaver is running?
  4. I bought the card one month ago brand new, no overclocking or anything. It was an MSI GeForce 7600gs, has passive cooling so no fan control was needed. Before applying the patch the card ran leopard perfectly fine with Qe+Ci all worked with natit for 1 month then i patched (this fixed reboot on my mobo) and boom it dies a few hours later. I had Leo flat image installed with 5.2 efi and vanilla kernel. Evereything worked except restart and shutdown. This is how it died exactly: I woke up my pc from sleep opened up iPhoto then screen started to glitch the mac interface goes haywire so i restart pc. Restart works. I step away from pc for 15 min and screensaver goes on i get back to pc and again see glitching all over the screen (screensaver worked fine before the "fix" for numerous of hours of standby) so i restart again but this time i get black screen even in bios. So i hold power button for 4 seconds to shutdown totaly and then start it up again and i see bios. I boot osx with -v to see if anythings wrong. No errors repported everything was fine. Osx boots normaly. I Test the screensaver and boom glitching all over again screen gets garbled to no recognition. Reboot again and again black screen from bios. POwer off doesnt help, still black screen. I open up my box and reset bios to factory. Nope still black screen. I can see Harddrive and Cpu working normaly so it all boots fine except no video output through dvi. I connect my monitor to my other pc and it works fine. I take out the Geforce 7600gs put it in my other pc to check and yep blackscreen here too on a different pc. So yes card totaly dead. Funny thing is this sorta death happend 2 times before with win2k and xp in the past. I wud be playing a game minimize it and graphic card dies just like that. So u can never be safe hehe.
  5. Melino i installed that "fix" and it fixed reboot but... i got some graphics glitches after that (screensaver glitching, the gui glitching, movies too) wich eventually led to my graphics card (msi geforce 7600 gs) totally dieing. Tested the graphics card in my other pc and yep its dead. So use that "fix" with caution.
  6. Yes very known in cases of using vanilla kernel. I have the same mobo as u and havent found a fix yet.
  7. Gigabyte P35-DS3 Leopard won't boot

    Yes i can dual boot easly by pressing F12 on boot up to bring up the boot selector this mobo supports. Then just pick hd 1 or 2 or whatever ^^ and it will boot to it. Oh and in case of having 2 harddrives sata and a dvd drive thats sata u have to plug the dvd drive cable into the purple sata port and set: Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode: IDE.
  8. Gigabyte P35-DS3 Leopard won't boot

    I "installed" from leopard flat image (google for it) from my windows partion (but u need two harddrives 1 with winxp or so with 30gb space free) on that exact same motherboard. the flat image has all the brazilmac patches. I later on installed pc_efi and now im on vanilla 10.5.1 with sound and network fixes as those were the only things needed to fix for this mobo. Graphics worked with natit from the flat image. Sound is 2 channel stereo only, cant get 5.1 to work. Everything else is working as it should. Geekbench 3651, Xbench 175 system is: p35 ds3 rev1 mobo, c2d e6750, 2gb ram nvidia gf7600gs. Mobo works fine if u ask me just a little quirky to get leo to boot thats all
  9. What do u belive created this universe killbot1000? What ever you answer on that it will acually be your god. If it was a pink lollypop that set the world in motion then that pink lollypop is your god=creator. Lets say universe started with bigbang. Something caused that big bang and what ever that was is the creator of this chain reaction that led us to this day. You seem to limit the concept of god to something you could interact with or what ever view u have on what god could be. BUt anything that creates something falls under the concept of "god". God=cause to a creation of anything in any form. Its not God=bible or God=graybearded man/woman.
  10. You dont need science or religion to find god. Just look at the exsistance/concept of creativty and imagination. To me the biggest proof of the existance of a god or gods (a creator/creators) is in the human creativity. Artists, painters, designers, programmers, song writers and so on and so forth all show a special gift of fluid imagination. Every creature has it but to certain amount. Even animals have it . It goes from from simple procreation (sex=birth) to designing the wildest buildings or writing complex computer languages or beatyfull paintings. As long as you can take something and make it into something its creativty. Set any scale of success on it but it still is a proof of creativty. Now if u think about it if mere men can create something why shouldnt there be a special something (defined by the word God in our language) that has created all of the known/unknown reality. Some other god created god and so on. If i can draw a picture (im a graphics designer) of something and almost give it life so easly thanks to my imagination/creativity why cant there be someone that drew all we know off? Maybe god wrote a nice advanced program compiled it and set it to motion. Maybe he still is patching it fixin bugs maybe not. Doesnt mather. If you want proof of god u dont have to look further than creativity/imagination. This all reality could be a resault of a beta release. Imagine when science is advanced enough we acually create a self-thinking self-aware machines. What will we be to those machines if not their creators=gods. When 2 people have a baby havent they created life? Are those 2 ppl not a form of "god" to that child? If molded in such way that child could worship his parents just like any religious freak worships his god/s. Just get the child during his infancy when his harddrive is empty fill it with all kinds of instructions and it will worship you. Now what religion is about is hope..hope born in the human "heart" that god is still listening (updating, patchin, bug fixin). Add tons of inborn fear to it and you got tons of religious variations, good or bad. Im 100% sure no religion is even close to the real meaning of god. But they still hope for some sort of interaction. The problem is the human arrogance. We acually think we are ready to see him. We think we have all the power and knowlidge to concive a thought of what this god might be. We cant be more wrong. At the current stage of life we can not. It 's bigger than us in the most unconceivable way. It is beyond us still. It is as big of a step as it was to go from instinct to self awarness. Now what the next step after self awarness is i have no idea God might be there and it might not. No religion will take you there or help you understand it and no science will show proof of existance/non existance. Its bigger than that. Creativity, imagination, birth, interaction those are the concepts where u see proof of god. Not in some book or a house or the skies or in atoms. If we can create so can we in a simmilar or totaly different unconceviable way be created too. And hi im a lurker around here ^^