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  1. I have downloaded Mac OS Mojave Installer app from appstore. But surprised to see it is only 12.7MB size. Isn't it the real installer of Mojave? Mac OS Installers are generally nearly 5GB of size!
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    Thank you Jenny. Awesome app.
  4. I have used Hackintosh on my 7200 RPM disk HDD with APFS for more than a month. Didn't see any major error other than 2 or 3 times sudden reboot, a couple of times freezing screen and disk utility FS check hanging the system. These may be a bug in beta version of the OS itself rather than something to do with APFS. So I guess although may not be a wise or beneficial choice but it is not a disaster to use APFS on disk hdd. I don't get why people are thinking that.
  5. Yes, running from OS resulted in this in my case also. So I ran it from bootable USB. Let hope to be solved in final release.
  6. I dont think so. Because when I check it using diskutil from a bootable usb, it shows file system is checked successfully and exit code is shown to be 0. A green check mark also come in the dialog. So I think it is a bug in filesystem conversion rather than filesystem corruption. Some other user also told me so in another place. Have a look https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxpLnq5MpA81dUpHSFJHWVY3cUU https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxpLnq5MpA81dUpHSFJHWVY3cUU
  7. Please help me, when tried to check my APFS volume with diskutil, it shows fsroot tree is invalid. What is FSROOT tree? After showing that it completely hanged. Just dead hang with no mouse cursor movement. Everytime I did so, same thing? Any idea? When I tried to check the volume using recovery boot, trying to check volume fails as it shows that the disk to be mounted even though actually it is unmounted.
  8. I have experienced 3 or 4 times sudden reboot in High Sierra DP2. Anybody have experienced it? Or any idea about the cause?
  9. I have 8 GB DDR3 memory. One more intersting thing. I have tried to copy a 4.96 gb file from one folder to another in my mac (with APFS) on mech hdd. The speed of copy is amazingly fast even on that hdd. The whole copy process take nearly 5 seconds which is much faster than HFS+. Although I am yet to check if the copied file has no corruption.
  10. I am using APFS on my mechnical hdd for a weak now. In my observation, there is no big difference between High Sierra on HFS+ on mechanical HDD with High Sierra on APFS on the same. I agree with cyberdevs in the opinion that performance of High Sierra on APFS on mechanical hdd is acceptable. In my opinion High Sierra is memory hungry and slower than prior versions of macOS including Sierra in general.
  11. Yes, done this. Speed and response time improved significantly. Thank you again.
  12. Thank you cyberdevs for this one.
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    In my opinion u don't even need to use APFS on mechanical HDD on Hackintosh. It is working in my case but OS is slow and laggy.
  14. I think apple firmware is needed in hdd which real macs have is required to get full advantage of APFS. Is there any chance of getting some software emulator or other driver that can make hackintosh able to use APFS at it's full potential?
  15. I have installed High Sierra(10.13) beta on my hackintosh with normal HDD. My smbios is iMac 14.2. I have converted my filesystem to APFS. With apfs.efi in clover, I am able to boot my hack but the performance is slow and there are lot of error messages while booting mac. Is APFS good for hackintosh at all? Somewhere I have heard that it is good only in original mac with apple firmware. Is there anyway I could revert back to hfs without formatting?