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  1. HD4890 on Lion?

    So i recently installed lion onto my hackintosh, but i cant seem to find a driver for my graphics card that actually works. I tried the QE/CI Patch, and all that gave me was a blank grey screen. My card is an ATI HD4890, for those who cant read titles.. If anyone has a working driver with/without injector, i would appreciate it. AeroXbird.
  2. Realtek 8111E on Lion

    After some messing around with the settings of my adapter, i found that it had enabled IPv6, and since my router does not support IPv6, it did not respond. So for anyone else who has this issue: set the IPv6 mode to "Local Link-only", and it should work like a dream.
  3. Realtek 8111E on Lion

    Hello, i recently figured out how to install Lion on my new rig, but the problem is, i dont have any network connections, i installed lnx2mac's realtek drivers, but for some reason my card does not work, it does get recognized, but it simply does not function.. System Specs: Intel i7 2600K Asus P8P67-M PRO ATI HD4890 I hope this can be solved. AeroXbird.
  4. Hello all, I have a question, i'm currently working on installing OS X Lion on my hackintosh. And i cant use the network drivers from my snow leopard setup. kextlibs says that the architecture is not supported in lion. Meaning that i need the driver compiled for 64bit lion and not 64bit snow leopard (weird, but true) If anyone has these drivers, i would really appreciate it if you could send them to me, or post them in the topic so other can use it too. Thanks, AeroXbird.
  5. HD4890 clockspeeds

    Hello, I have been running a hackintosh for about a month now, without any serious hickups. Altough what has been bothering me, is my Graphics card. If i for instance start playing minecraft, my graphical experience is worthless. I have to put my settings to low to be able to play reasonably. Altough i have never had this on windows. What my question was, Is it possible to put the GPU in higher clockspeeds? Because what i know from windows experiences, is that my GPU is standard at around 300 mhz, but it shoots up in windows once i start using something GPU intensive, and what i think is that it doesnt shoot up like in windows on osx. Any help would be greatly appreciated. AeroXbird.