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  1. Hi: I was successfull in installing Mac OS X 10.5.6 iPC on Intel Quad Core Processor PC. Upon install I get a message stating " Keyboard not connected , please connect keyboard" A USB keybaord works just fine. How do I read a USB Pendrive, the Icon does not popup when I connect a USB pen drive to the PC. I am thinking of building my own Intel COre i7 PC. Which Graphics Cards are supported by IPC MAc OS X 10.5.6. Thanks for your help, I am new to Apple, I would like to become an expert at it. Thanks, Regards, Alan
  2. Hi: I continuously get this message "still waiting for root device" even with Voodoo Kernel. I checked the google there are no solutions posted. Please help me get Mac started on my PC Thanks, Alan
  3. HI: I installed it using modbin patched, and I am able to get into boot prompt but get this message "still waiting for root device" Should I install it with Voodoo? Thanks, AJ
  4. Hi ricom2ger Which patched Kerne in iPC MAc OS X 10.5.6 do I choose, there is Voodoo, netkas, netkas speedstep, sleep kernel, modbin patched, StageXNU UNiversal kernel? Thanks for your help, I very badly want this working on my PC. Alan
  5. Hi Folks: I found iPC Mac OS X 10.5.6 in a torrent site. I installed it on a second HD on my Intel Celeron 2.7GHz, Soyo-P4VGA MoBo. I have Debian and WinXP installed on the First HD. After installation I used GRUB config on Debian to set up the boot loader/order. When I choose Mac OS X on GRUB, the computer restarts. The installation is a plain Vanilla installation, I chose Chameleon Boot Loader, it did nothing in installation. Please help me get Apple running on my PC. Thanks, Alan