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  1. My error. Hey, what are the kexts dependencies of this kext?
  2. Hi, thanks. Is there some kind of support for microphone?
  3. YEP Andy, happy to see that you is back! BTW are there some news gma950 and framebuffer patch from 10.6.4 graphics update about? For mirror also as with 10.6.3 kext.. Can you patch new gma950 and framebuffer as for 10.6.3? Can release the file patch for future update?
  4. Oh sure sure nothing problem was only a precision, excuse. You have a pm...
  5. I understand you, perfect, but i haven't say that it was a bug. By the way i fix it my self: fix_restart = true Yep, no problem.
  6. Question for Azimutz: excuse but the restart fix now if off on default, because no facp table modded is generated to boot. I need of restartfix=yes in com.apple.boot.plist. Is it normal? Can you fix this as in previous rev? With trunk rev no have this problem. Obrigado
  7. ATI HD 5770

    Hi trauma. The dsdt string/code that you have add tha ati.c are good, but can you share the new ati.c? Please share the source code with your comments always together the boot so to have the new code every time. Thanks
  8. Is this a bug? r361 by azimutz. If dsdt is load by path in com.apple /Extra/DSDT.aml, the DSDT is load 30 times in 30 tables as it is a SSDT table. With smbios path works
  9. Hi cue, excuse moi for english. Question is: in version here: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...entry8478 is there the fix for "skip device" like in first post? I have see that in version post here in insanely the fix there is, but instead i don't see this fix that instead is there on version on project. Now: can you add in newer version on project together two fix for volume also the fix "skip device"? Obrigado
  10. Eu aconselho você a mod nawcom myhack: http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=242