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  1. Any news on VAIO laptops? As I said I have a 4650 in a VAIO FW 495j (full HD LVDS) and can't get it to work, I get no signal...
  2. Semi successful AMD Install 10.6.6

    Some problems here for Marvin and strange kernel panics doing various things... Could you solve any of this?
  3. kizwan, do you know where can I find radeondump for linux? I cannot get my i2cid... Here i attach the dump made by radeondump in SL 10.6.6 arch=32bits, it's not similar to the ones posted... connector.txt
  4. I can't believe that such an effort for making this work makes us (Sony VAIO users) get out of everything... Anyone with a VAIO could get it working?? I have a FW495J with a ATI Mobility 4650 and tried everything in this post without success...
  5. I have the same problem on my VAIO FW495 with a mobility 4650... Could you solve it? I cannot get de i2cid because it is in another format or blank... I attach here my rom dump, could someone help me please??? I also cannot get RadeonHD to load in 64bit mode and the 32bit mode sends a lot of error to the dmesg buffer and I cannot see the radeon messages... Please help... 1002_9480.rom.tar.gz
  6. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Any news on 5100AGN for Snow Leopard? Would be great to get it working...