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    Hi all kind of frustrated right now! Ths is my first attempt to try and install MAC OSX on this keyboard. Ok so I put the disc in for Mac OSX AMD, and loads of text loaded, etc etc. The eventually it loaded to the point where it says please choose langauge...so I chose english. Next step I chose Disk Utility, and I formatted the hard drive that was in that had windows 7 on it to Jounaled non-case sesnsitive Then it rebboted and continued to install, important to note at this stage the mouse pad and keys where working! Now after reboot it did not detect my mouse or keys and asked me to connect keyboard so it could identify. After a while of try i connected my wirless mouse and keyborad it detected them, I clicked continue and it loops the same screen over and over it just restarts to the screen please connect mouse and keyboard? After a few hours of trying this I have kind of given up as it seems really hard to get this working! Of course when i reboot with my windows 7 disc in it will not let me install windows 7 back on the drive? it does not recognise it!! What can I do please help! Many Thanks Matt