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  1. Hey guys, first of all here are my pc specs: Intel Core i5-750@3.8ghz Gigabyte P55A-UD4 2x2gb G.Skill Ripjaws F3 @1900mhz Asus EAH5850 1gb Corsair TX-950w WD Black 1tb TP-Link TL-WN651G Wireless G card Well after multiple installs of various snow leopard distros I found one that seems to work for me (iAtkos S3 v2). So far I have everything working just fine except USB, sound and also I have some issues with image tear when I watch video or move an application window around. My USB isn't totally broken, my keyboard and mouse work but nothing else USB works. My sound somewhat works but my audio output on the motherboard is not recognised, only the front is. I have sound currently through HDMI on my Graphics card so thats no big deal. The image tearing isn't so bad, I will just use Windows 7 to watch movies if that can't be resolved. However I would like to resolve the USB issues, I installed a USB driver from the iAtkos disc because without it my keyboard and mouse was not even recognised. There was also another option which adds some sort of boot flag but with that on I would just get kernel panics. So is there anything such as new kexts or bootflags I could use or atleast try to get USB working correctly? oh and I downloaded a boot disc with drivers/kexts for my motherboard called Tony Macs osx86 boot disc. I have installed all kexts and still no USB.