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  1. HDV in FCS 2

    My specs are: Pentium 4 ht. 3ghz. fsb. 800 3gigas ram 2x 250 sata drives asus p5wd2-e premium mainboard nvidia 6600 gt 128megas SyncMaster 910t primary display Syncmaster 570 secondary display osx86 1o.4.9 with 8.9.1 kernel Pehaps a raid cuold solve the problem, but on windows xp and Avid Mc de same machine is able to manage it. Thanks again.
  2. HDV in FCS 2

    I'm editing Dv (standart definition) flawless in Fcp 2 . But now I'm testing HDV files editing , (mov. files downloaded from internet). In this case FCP 2 can't manage clips in browser or timeline. It plays with dropped frames, and I hardly can move de cursor in timeline. Anybody found the same problem? Any clue? Thanks in advance.
  3. I've built a pentinum 4, 3ghz speed ht, 800 fsb 3 gigas ram, sata scratch disks, nvidia 6600 gt, everything is working fine, with qe. ci. and final cut 6 is runing with no problems, but I can't edit hdv footage. Do anybody have the same problem. Any adivise? Thanks
  4. I upgraded the same method and no sound, how did you manage to figure out? Thanks for your answer Jor
  5. How did you manage to work, please. I've got a Ati 1600 pro and I can't make extended display to work Thanks.