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  1. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    well in my clover I had to have my setting as BooterConfig 0x28 and CsrActiveConfig 0x67 to start OSX with my Xeon which im pretty sure also disables SIP. I'll run Luxmark now then. I ran ARK for 10 mins and the fan didn't really kick up but the exhaust from the card sure was warm. --- EDIT: ok. Ran it. Oh boy, that fan came alive after about 40 secs Sadly my score is below the Frontier edition I saw someone else post with higher clock rate. If it's not a good idea to take my 1442mhz any higher then I won't as I value the health of this GPU and don't plan on watercooling it. Are there any other ways that might boost its performance or am I just needing to wait and hope that Apple do something?
  2. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Ok, thank you. Took two goes (first time it rejected the kext upon restart) but using Kext Utility after touch /System/Library/Extensions; kextcache -update-volume / nd then restarting, I think its worked. Is Luxmark the best tool to run to check if it's performing well? and will that stress it enough to push the fan up too? Because thus far, the fan has been pretty silent. I've just restarted my hackintosh and its supposed to read as attached in the ioregistryexplorer? Because if all is good, then I'll stress test the system in ARK survival evolved, Luxmark and FCPX.
  3. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    ah ok. Thanks for testing. Well, resolve works with the HEVC fine so I guess I got some transcoding to ProRes to do then... Last night in the middle of a big render, (mostly CPU intensive) I had my rig screech at me and the GPU fan went nuts before I force shut it down. Seemed like the Radeon Pro had made that screech/beep sound. This was on stock OSX settings, I was yet to test the tweaks on here. Bit weird. Seems ok today
  4. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    Ok, thanks. I'll give that powerplay table a go then. Gee, if this is a more expensive card with lower clocks than the FE, I hope it will have other benefits then (because most of the pro benefits to it seem to be currently missing from OSX). And I'll be interested to see if you hit the same thing in FCPX or not. The only codec it seems to now hate is HEVC ...which is half of some of my edits...
  5. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    I've finally picked up a Radeon Pro WX 9100 due to it being listed on Apples website under supported for 10.13.4. I had high hopes for this card. This card was supposed to be better than the frontier edition at mixing hard processing work with gaming. It was also easier to get here in NZ. I was so happy that I was able to simply plop the card in and start mac os, it even seemed to fully detect the card in the system profiler. So I assumed all was good. Then I opened Final cut Pro X to start the days edit job and was immediately disappointed. Crash, crash ... average performance.... Crash. Having upgraded from Sapphire HD 7970 I had expected a bigger jump in performance, especially moving to a proper workstation card. Instead, davinchi Resolve seems to still run about as fast as if I put my HD 7970 in and Final cut is marginally faster but nothing amazing. In fact, FCPX now displays my GH5's HEVC 4k footage as black nothing footage and crashes when I try and work with HEVC (h.265) despite QuickTime being able to play and display the video files just fine. Now, this might be Apples stuff up with codec support in X (as my old 2011 macbook pro can open te same project and view the files FINE, but slowly) I'm wondering if anyone has any idea if its something I can work around? Do normal Vega 64s have problems with FCPX and HEVC? Also, in regards to overall performance, are any of the tweaks here likely to be of use to a Radeon Pro WX9100 under 10.13.4? This card seems to run very quietly at the moment so Im assuming Apples default drivers for it may me causing it to clock down to keep quiet and cooler whereas I'm after full-on performance for this expensive card.
  6. Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    now that .4 is out, and apple say that they support the AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100 im looking to get it as it looks like a very sweet card for FCPX / Resolve use. How are folks finding the Vegas in 10.13.4 now that we have a release versoin?
  7. It runs through a ton of slide values up to 127 all 'cannot be used!' then says 'only 128/256 slide values are available for usage! Booting may fail!' Now its just sitting on the +++++++ line.. Does that mean something useful?
  8. Hi there, I like the look of the github link, but when I try and Boot into the UEFI Shell from Clover, I don't see any option for the UEFI Shell and so cant run the memory command... All i see in clover are my boot options, options, about clover, restart computer and exit clover. I know it used to be a option in the older clover, but I cant see it with the latest one, which is where my boot is stuck on at "does printf work??" My machine simply hangs on the .............. line of osxaptio version 1 and the free 2000 version does something funny as well. So I'm figuring that version 2 (or clovers new 'version 3') is probably my best bet of moving forward at the moment. I also have a slightly older clover installed on a nother HDD in my hackintosh's system with version 4243 but that also seems to lack the UEFI Shell option in clover. Any ideas how to bring up the UEFI shell?? I cant find anything online about bringing it up only that it is accessible in Clover. I'm running on a freshly updated 10.13.3 OSX on my X99 Xeon hack. Clover 4243 worked ok in 10.13.1 but seems to have issues with 10.13.2 & now .3 hence me wanting to update my clover (but am stuck on not being able to get into OSX). I tried Slide=0 nothing happened. So if I can calculate my rigs slide value, that would be amazing.
  9. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Clover's Kext "Other" folder with all my other kext's is the first place I tried each other whatevergreen kexts.
  10. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/py08vudlp8f9pie/Screenshot%202017-10-30%2009.44.23.png?dl=0The quality sucks a lot cause the text flash past as soon as the kernel panic seemed to hit but this is about all I can offer for now.
  11. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Sweeeet. That makes it tempting to ditch my 8core Xeon rig (especially if Threadripper is able to work, since its sorta ryzen) Tried the tweak. No luck. With the kexts in the Sys/Lib/Ext folder I get KPs even with the RX480 removed and only the 7970 in there... Seems to be something about the kext disagreeing with my hack for some reason
  12. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    I'll give that a go thanks. I'm in 10.13 right now. But only running on my Sapphire HD7970. How is Ryzen with OSX? I'm starting to see a fair number of folks running AMD hacks around here. I'm a long time AMD Fan but my last AMD hack was a Phenom 6 core back in Snow Leopard. Took weeks to get going smoothly... I would be tempted to do a full AMD rig if its not too much hassle to get up and going.
  13. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    I tried Whatevergreen 1.1.2 & 1.1 with KPs with my Sapphire RX 480 8gb card Whatevergreen 1.0.4 leads to it seeming to finish loading OSX but then my main display turns light green instead of showing the log in screen and I'm stuck with my cuser there and it beachballs. I have Lilu.kext 1.2.0 in my clover kexts folder. I tried it in both first and second slot on my motherboard and even had my 'helper' HD7970 in there too for most attempts. I'm running a fresh install of High Sierra (the current offical release version, not a beta) on my Gigabyte Designare X99 system with a Xeon processor. With my now dieing install of 10.12.5 I used a Sapphire HD 7970 as the helper card to keep the new sapphire Rx480 going with tweaks to the required kexts in the system folder. As I understand, that method is not needed now provided Whatevergreen works? I'm reluctant to mess around with my graphics kexts cause with 10.12 that led to more than a few problems. CSM in the bios seems to be a always on thing with my motherboard, but I disable all its options so I assume it makes it the equivalent of off? Not sure if thats a dealbreaker for Whatevergreen or not. the links on here didn't seem to work for me, but I found the Whatevergreen kexts on github. Am I missing something here that is required to get the RX480 going in High Sierra?
  14. Video card opinions

    Ive always run Sapphire AMD cards, currently running twin 7970s in one rig and I got a RX480 in another. Just takes a few tweaks to make the RX work, just like the fury X. If you got the cash and don't mind fiddling around a bit, Fury X is a great card
  15. Nope. Clover is on the Mac OS drive, even in the case of my backup OSX. Even installed a fresh new clover onto a newly cloned Mac drive and same problem.