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  1. Hello, As the title states I wonder if it is possible to develop for ios to distribute on app store, developing on osX86 with titanium a javascript based development tool that requires the xCode sdk..
  2. Retro 1080p Wallpapers

    There you go m8, first post is updated with 1200 examples and two new wallpapers.
  3. Here comes some wallpapers that I made today, which I felt I had to share with ppl here on insanelymac since have had gotten lots of help setting up my osx86. I hope it makes you happy! 1920x1080 ------------------------ 1920x1200 And here are two new ones with the Insanelymac.com background(I hope that's okey with the admins), one comes with a cutout style and the other one with glassy cover. Enjoy folks!
  4. cgi Notebook

    Hello. I have been all over google trying to find anything about a notebook that not only has enough performance to run cgi applications like maya, zbrush, photoshop, and others alike but also gives the possibility to run osx on. Would appreciate any suggestions and help, thx!
  5. Awsome m8! it works perfectly now.. even boots faster .. will be running this for a few days and if it all works out great it will be CLONE time. I enjoy OSX so much it´s just amazing!!
  6. this are the extensions that I'm running 1.6 with: I thought that it was weird that I had two fakesmc so I removed one and the same with the AppleNForceATA.... so this is what I have in the extensions folder of 1.6.4: PS. So I did as you said, removed the disabler.kext and dsmos.kext and now the panic is gone.. It must have been a miracle that I was able to boot 1.6 without panic's.. ;D thx!
  7. Hey, Good thing to have working clone's(not panicing when getting panic messages ).. Did an update to 1.6.4 and now on boot I get a panic message.. Any ideas as to the reason of this?
  8. I reinstalled chameleon on both partitions, and that worked out. Re, the fstab file didn't work.. I tried: LABEL=Untitled none ntfs noauto LABEL=System Reserved none ntfs noauto and LABEL=Untitled /volumes/Untitled none ntfs ro,noauto 0 0 LABEL=System Reserved /Volumes/System Reserved none ntfs ro,noauto 0 0 I've googled about it and found lots of different approaches, also one that removes the entire disk#(but this is not efficient since disk number sometimes seems to change during boot).
  9. yes, the clone was bootable.. The strange thing was that in chameleon screen there where 4 apple logo's, like following ( osXed - osXup - osXed - osXup). the first two where bootable but the third wouldn't completely boot, just did the same output as displayed in verbous and then nothing.. hmm.. I'm guessing the same thing will happen with the forth choice..
  10. Yes, I did as you suggested. divided my 500gb sata into two equaly sized partitions "osXed" and "osXup" and used Carbon copy cloner to clone osx over and it shows up as bootable..
  11. no, I haven't used the command line guide you posted earlier yet.. have been transferring so much files around that I forgot about it... but I'm sure it will work(everything by verdant works )... I will try out that tomorrow.. OSX is so much nice to use that I have completely forgotten about win7... btw.. atm I'm running osx 1.6 could/should I upgrade to 1.6.4?
  12. I really hope that I have stroked gold by unmounting my win7 HDD, have not had a freeze for more than 12 hours I would say.. been transferring data, listening to music and surfing all at the same time.. have not had any problems at all.. one other note is that I use firefox.. I did also get freezes for a while back with safari..
  13. Hello, got a update on my progress regarding the freeze.. for the last couple of days I have been going crazy with the random freezes I get. Today I was trying to organize some folders on my win7 HDD while being booted in OSX and 10-30 sec's I got the freezing(every single time I was roaming around the win7 drive the freeze occurred).. Well I figured I'd unmount the drive and see what happens. was trying to figure out a good why to unmount the drive so that when osx booted it wouldn't mount the drive but unsuccessfully I decided to instead physically remove the drive. Now I have been running for more than 4 hours without a freeze.. Hope this helps others And for those more experienced, any idea on how to keep a drive unmounted on startup.
  14. As you can see everything seems to have worked out with the graphics.. this was the case after installing chameleon rc4 on leo, so I guess the same thing goes here on SL. And ofc adding: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>yes</string> <key>PciRoot</key> <string>1</string> to com.apple.boot.plist. Regarding CI/QE, got the transparent " application title bar" and the wave effect in the Dashboard. *Restart and shutdown seems to work, but not sleep. *From time to time on reboot I get "Still waiting for root device" and also random freezes(have done a repair permission and we shall se if the freeze comes back, running now for 10min). More testings to come later on, backup first priority now .