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  1. There have been 8-core (2x quad core - I never said it had to be a single CPU) Macs out for a couple of years now, and the 12-core have just been released (presumably 2x6, and I'm guessing it's a bit soon to try and hackintosh that one...). So I'm assuming there IS such a thing, and motherboards that can accommodate them, and I'm guessing someone out there might know how to build that, or at least have some guidance. If it's not you, you don't have to get snarky about it. I know it might be expensive, but it just might be a cheaper solution than actually buying from Apple.
  2. Hi there, I am a Mac professional who has basically been priced out of the Mac market as far as my home use goes. I want to build a Hackintosh - I have some system building/maintenance/under-the-hood time, and a decent amount of system-level dealings, but I've never built a machine before. As a video and interactive media pro, I need to build one with more horsepower than perhaps even a quad core can give me. I need something with, ideally, 8- or 12- cores, that can rock DDR3 1333MHz memory and a kick-ass video card (preferably a CUDA-enabled nVIDIA card for Adobe suite work). The ability to have at least 3 drive bays would be sweet as well. Does anyone here have the know-how to guide me to the parts AND the directions for how to build something like this? I would be very grateful for any advice and/or direction you can give me. Thanks! Mattynabib