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  1. CRAP. what did i do?!

    ok, so now, my screen saver runs really slow and when i record in logic, I get audio engine errors constantly. what's up here?
  2. CRAP. what did i do?!

    updating, I removed the DSDT. aml, and that's EXACTLY what it was. all seems to be working again. thank goodness. i used the Terminal and simple rm command. worked like a charm.
  3. CRAP. what did i do?!

    after some research, i may have put the DSDT file in when i shouldn;t havem because that's what a few other threads are sahowing. i should be able to use the install disc to fix this, yeah?
  4. CRAP. what did i do?!

    yeah, safe mode is returning the kernel error as well.
  5. CRAP. what did i do?!

    I was trying to install the GMA950 driver, and i kernel panicked. is there any way to fix this? I'm really new to this whole thing, so i don't exactly know what i did except run it with kextheklper and put the DSDT in the Leopard partition like it said. any help would be lovely. thanks guys.
  6. ok, guys, i used the regular kext, and it says it installed dine. i go to boot up leopard, and when the actual page boots up, it's all black with little strings of {censored} here and there strewn about, like, there will be black lines with a strip of color where the outline is. how do i fix this? it's an intel GMA 950 on a Gateway GT5411E. and how do i remove the kext? i can't find the terminal to access it.
  7. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    its the onboard one wit this Gateway. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Up to 224 MB shared video memory intel viiv.
  8. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    got everything installed and i am now dual booting! :Dthanks mohamed. I'm gonna hold off on updating to 10.6.4 for a while and just enjoy my computer. also, is there any way to install the right video driver to my computer? the resolution is all wrong.
  9. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    just the BOOTMGR is missing on my windows partition, but i can fix that with the install disc right?
  10. iAtkos S3 error, help!

    thanks to anyone who read, I got it all set.
  11. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    I got to the apple screen and the timer, I'll keep you updated. I'still very new to this so thank you for your help! it booted up!
  12. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    what about RTC 32 bit? or should i just unselect the whole thing
  13. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    so re-install and don't run RTC? ok. also: there's RTC 32 bit. should I select that?
  14. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    okI installed it with only the Basic iAtkos qoopz 10.3 and the drivers for the LAN, oh and the PCEFI loader i got a kernel panic. it looked like this: ,
  15. [iAtkos S3] Loop reboot after installation

    ok, installing now, it's gonna be about an hour, I'll let you know how it turns out. thank you for being so helpful