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  1. Save to update to 10.6.4?! and how

    what is an "HW" ? Edit: Oh Hardware hm extra kext.. hmm.. I installed my Ethernetdriver, but I have this Kext. also my DVD drive.. the JMicronATA.kext What else could be an extra one?!
  2. fixed it.. just reinstalled another Language pack and now everything works fine.
  3. Save to update to 10.6.4?! and how

    noone an idea?!
  4. DVD Drive gone... how can I get it back working?!

    fixed it.. just reinstalled the "JMicronATA.kext" and so on. Now its working
  5. Well I used to have it at the beginning.. But now its gone. I putt some HDD back online. It might kickt the DVD drive out. Lets say. the DVD had the letter (G:) after I reconnected the HDDs one drive got the G: and OSx now cant find the DVD-drive. Someone knows how to fix that?! Thx
  6. Well i installed the Hazard OSx86 version. Is it save to do an Update? right now im on 10.6.2. Is there anything I have to do before I update? or is that an bad idea. Thx
  7. Dualboot Win7 & OSX

    Wenn du deine Win7 Installation hast.. kauf dir entweder eine neue Festplatte. Dann auf die neue MacOSx drauf installieren. Dann kannst du am anfang mit Cameleon (wird immer installiert) mit der Keyboard rechts taste die andere Festplatte aussuchen, auf der sich win7 befindet.. und enter drücken. Oder du machst auf der einen Festplatte eine Partition. zum einen für Mac und zum anderen für Windows. mußt danna ber beides neu installieren, da du sie ja formatieren mußt. Aber gleiches Spiel. Es sollte so eingestellt werden, dass deine Mac Festplatte(-Partition) an erster stelle steht. Also wenn du die partitionen erstellst ist Mac die oberste.. oder erste kommt auf das Prog an mit dem du es machst. ;D
  8. My system: Asus P5kC, ATI HD 4850, OSx - Hazard 1.6.3 - german language pack V.? First of all "Hy" Finally I made it.. my Pc is working with Snow Leo 1.6.3 (Hazard) IATIKOS couldn´t find my HDs :-( Well everything is working fine.. but my System Control crashes sometimes. It shows me than an message "Ignore, Berichten, and bla bla - Button) After that it restarts the System Control window. Some buttons in there dont work either. Like the "Energy", Printer, Date & Time ... Shut down, Restart works fine. The other thing is the Language Pack. Some stuff is still english or maybe something else.. like when i right click on the Desktop is there an entry of "N148" but this prob means "Sort in" Kb, Name, Date ... Thx for helping me. Mayby is IATI*** better. And someone knows the HD issue to solve.