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  1. How do you cancel an OSX install

    I'm currently trying to install OSX v10.4 and CD 1 worked fine, 2 worked OK also but half way through 3 it asks for me to put 2 back in, it loads up asks for 3 them fails again and asks for 2 - it just keeps doing this in a circle. I also have it on a DVD so was wondering if there's a way to cancel the install, it won't shut down but I unplugged it and when it restarted it asked for two and ejects the DVD.
  2. How bad is it if OSX phones home

    Do you mean that you have a fake copy of OSX and you're worried that you'll be dragged to jail if it "phones home" as you put it. If so, it's ok as long as you used fake details.
  3. Is it still possible to buy iLife/iWork '05

    Thanks might buy it if I can get the money in 2 days - I've just spent a lot of cash on machine parts .
  4. Is it still possible to buy iLife/iWork '05

    Where could I buy iWork '05 and iLife '05? I require the '05 edition of these suites for a system I am building that isn't going to be capable of any newer versions of the software. iWork is the most important, links if possible. Thanks.
  5. The Highest Upgrades for iMac G3

    I'm experienced with PCs but I've just bought my first mac off of eBay and don't know much about them. It's really just one to sharpen my teeth on and get a feel for macs but I still want it to be efficient. I was wondering what the highest spec part available for it were, here's the link to the auction I won: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...IT#ht_557wt_930 These are the highest specs as far as I've found: -OSX 10.4.11 with OS 9.2.2, -120Gb HDD, -1Gb RAM (2x 512Mb), - Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad(Can't use ordinary Apple keyboard because it requires a leopard), - Wireless Mighty Mouse(Can't use magic mouse because it requires a leopard) are they correct?
  6. Atheros AR5B91

    You could buy one of those dell WLAN cards, they apparently work great. Callum