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  1. ah thanks alot the guide looks great, thing is i havnt bought the computer yet, am just wanting to check it will all work ok beforehand somehow. as for the 'OSx86 distro' could you please elaborate on this, i am pretty confused about all this! thanks again!
  2. hey there, im brand new to this whole situation and am looking to buy an absolutely beat down pc for various forms of media creation. my ideal situation would be to have a duel booting set up with 64 bit windows 7 and some form of Mac OS X. The computer im looking to buy is below and i am basically wondering if any of this hardware will make it impossible to get an install of mac os x working smoothly. Intel i7-980X asus p6x58-e motherboard 6GB Corsair 1600Mhz RAM Nvidia GTX470 graphics card 60GB OCZ VERTEX2 SSD - solid state hard drive for use as system drive 1 TB WD BLACK working drive coolermaster HAF932 tower case 1000W corsair PSU (HX1000) extra quiet cpu power unit +cooler extreme copper touch CPU cooler any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!