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  1. Grimreapings

    Installing leapard on Gateway NV52 series

    If you get to the apple logo and it freezes, reformat and re-install, but try using different customization selections to fit your laptop, i've found that playing with these settings will determine if mac will actually boot on your computer, i will be installing lion on my nv52 soon, when i get it right i'll post what i did.
  2. I have an Hp omni 100 5151 all in one desktop with iAtkos v7, and I installed iLife 09, everything works except garageband, everytime I click on it, it starts to load, then the kernel panics and I have to restart....Is there a fix for this?
  3. Grimreapings

    Is there a wireless driver for an Hp Omni 100 5151?

    What is the best way to find this info? its an all in one unit so taking it apart isn't going to work, when i look at the specifics on hp's website thats all it says, and it shows this picture...
  4. I have an Hp Omni 100 5151 which i've installed iAtkos V7 on, Everything seems to be working fine except a few things, i've found the network card drivers but I have had no luck finding the wireless drivers, the card is an HP PCI-e half-length mini card 802.11 g/b/n. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Grimreapings

    Need help pls!

    I have an hp omni 100 5151 all in one pc, I had no trouble using iatkos v7 to install osx on this pc, although you do need to make sure right before you install, click cusomize and add the ati video drivers, otherwise you'll just get a frozen apple logo on startup, the kernel panic happened to me after install, but i restarted the pc and osx loaded up no problem, what distro are you using? also note that I have still not been able to find wireless drivers for it, but i have found the ethernet card drivers for it, and it seems when i use garageband the kernel panics, so i'm still working out some bugs as well. Appleintel8255 is the kext i used to install the network drivers, just use a kext utility to install it.