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  1. Looking for a Guide

    You can check this page out Linky
  2. iAtkos S3 V2 success (update)

    I guess this is better then nothing.. but I finally got everything to work. Just had to add a SetMac Script at logon. Looks like everything is up and running now.
  3. Looking for a Guide

    What kind of guide, installing Mac OS X, do you want dual boot, need more details?
  4. Changing forum view

    thanks.. i needed that too
  5. Have broadcom 5751, installed OK, am able to ping www.yahoo.com and other websites but can't surf using safari or run Mac OS update. Read where I can manually enter MAC somewhere but can't find it now, plus I don't know my mac. Point me in the right direction please! I set the mac via terminal but on reboot it goes back to 00:... I figured out how to add the SetMac script..but it's not working just right, plus if it goes to sleep mode the mac address is lost again. Can someone help me out with this?? I'm almost there.... TIA
  6. OK, I have the no MAC address on my broadcom 5751 card, but am able to ping www.yahoo.com & other sites. Any idead on how I can get this up and running? TIA