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  1. well, online i found a non dual layer disk of snow leopard so i am gonna use that and Empire EFI and see what happens
  2. when i boot from the USB it doesnt go into setup, it goes to the boot loader.. if i choose the mac os x partition I Made it just goes to a blinking light. why won't it go to the setup?? from the bootloader, how do i install leopard???
  3. ok, i am ready, i am gonna dual boot windows 7 and mac os x. how should i partition it, NTFC or what? i downloaded that link and it is one file?? i don't get it, how do i install these???
  4. am i supposed to install charmaleon after installation?? because i thought i already did on the flash drive???
  5. ok cool thanks alot dude..... i am still backing up
  6. well, i got everything set, i followed the guide, and i am jsut backing stuff up.......... thanks for youre help, i will update to let you know if it worked....... what are these flag things i need to right during install?? i am still backing up but i need to know before i install
  7. ok i have leopard into VMware Leopard, but how do i format my Flash Drive in Mac os x. also, what is after i format it???
  8. i am not sure, maybe 10.5.6, i am not sure
  9. well, i will try leopard, but if it doesnt work, then i will take your advice
  10. i am getting leopard, is that OK??? other than that i have high speed Verzon Fios 11 mb/s download 5mb/s upload. it is REALLY fast internet
  11. ok cool thanks i am downloading th DVD now (legally of course) cough cough... if it doesnt work then we can try the team viewer. i really appreciate your help
  12. i mean what are the files that i am putting on my USB device, i understand the iso file, but what else??, but what does flashing the device mean??
  13. ok so now i am starting to catch your drift but how do you flash the usb, and what, exacly, am i putting on the flash drive?? and i really appreciate the rally fast responses also, since i want Leopard not snow, does all of this apply for leopard too??? like the download links you give and stuff
  14. but still,i cant get a retail DVD how do i do it with out the retail dvd, and how do i burn the other stuff to the DVD in Poweriso, what format like, do i keep it in the folder or what?
  15. ok i have set up VMware and i am running leopard!! i want leopard on my machine. so what do i have to do now?? i have my 8 gig flash driver next to me, so now what??