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  1. Snow Leopard DVD, Drivers-Apple-x64-AppleBluetoothInstaller64.exe when adding bluetooth device right click on keyboard and select "install HID drivers" it pairs right up and works in Windows7x64, with usb keyboard disconnected it works at Chameleon boot menu to select OS or other boot options no luck at BIOS level yet, will keep reading and experimenting
  2. A1114 Works great in Lion but I can't get it to work in Windows 7 64. I installed Apple Bluetooth Driver from Boot Camp and Apple Bluetooth Built In shows up as a device and sees my keyboard but won't connect to it. I see that others have had success and wonder what I'm missing? Thanks to everyone for the info that got me this far.
  3. Will the Apple bluetooth module work in Windows?

    Hope to find more info on this myself. I was able to install drivers from bootcamp but it hangs while attempting to connect with device. Works great on OSX side, wake from sleep and all.
  4. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Nice thread I've been trying to get acceleration on my Zotac 9500GT ever since 10.6.7 do I have to use the DVI port rather than the VGA to get QE/CI?
  5. 24 Bit Sound Card LION

    Can anyone recommend a 24bit sound card that's Lion compatible, don't need anything high end with lots of ins and outs just good quality DA conversion for listening to.
  6. Great guide, no more audio after 10.6.4 security updates I see there is at least one other user with this problem. Anyone know a solution?