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  1. Hi guys. I followed this threat from day one and got me a nice fully working 10.6.4 dual boot setup on my dv6 2150g with mammoths guide and a lot of trying. Since my Windows crapped on me i decided to reinstall osx with amer´s usb installation method. The only dsdt that worked for me was using nixuns patcher with the generic dv i setting. After installation i got everything working with taptuns 10.7.2 kernel.....except for graphics. The about window shows display 3 mb i got no acceleration and resolution is fixed at 1024x768. I tried changing vendor number in applegraphicspowermanagement kext, aty_init, graphics enabler but all to no avail. I´m kindly and kinda desperately asking if any of you guys could help me out on this one? I´d really appreciate it and attach my dsdt just in case. Big thanks in advance, greetings to mammoth should you take at a look from time to time and thanks to amber for the lion usb method for our notebooks. Have a nice day. Greetings Dragonsoul Got it sorted...i had to use dsdteditor---autopatcher would abort....now everything is working flawless. :-)) Thanks a lot guys. dsdt.aml.zip
  2. +1 for a more vanilla solution on the Battery issue. Had problems with vodooBattery when booting into os x with power adapter inserted and the next boot up when running on battery. Also when running the system and disconnecting the power supply the system would often KP. I´d be happy to test. Have a nice one.
  3. Hi Mammoth and all of you. Finally got my dv6 2150eg back. Tried yahemias boot cd and besides from having to reboot after step 6 (for whatever reason) things went smooooooth this time. Everything is working (skipped on the sdcard kext and vodoo battery since i had troubles with those before) including, speedstep (YES!!), cam, ir remote, etc...system seems to run more stable than ever and i got performance increase (thanks to speedstepping). No more KPs when running on battery or unplugging the powerchord (which i guess relates to vodoobattery...maybe). Overall...great Job guys. Thanks a million. Have a nice one. greetz dragonsoul
  4. @Kizwan: Hey I´m sorry to report that my Hp died on me yesterday...so i´m out for testing the next weeks. :-( I hope they can fix it under warranty and will report when it´s back. In the mean time...all the best to you guys. Rock on. Dragonsoul
  5. Hi Kizwan. I´m gratefull that i can be of any help. I can confirm on the external mic and the line in...they both work and get signal. :-) I get no pop up in windows when connecting headphones. greetings Dragonsoul
  6. Hi Kizwan. Yes, with r3 the microphone port switches to line when plugged in. Headphones do not play and plugging in does not mute the speakers now though. Hope this helps. Greetings Paul
  7. Hey Peepz. For anyone who wants to try... I got the card reader on my machine running by using this kext in C/E/E. http://sourceforge.net/projects/osxsdhci/f...c1.zip/download Have a nice one. Greetings Dragonsoul
  8. HI Kizwan. THX FOR THE KEXT! I tried in on my system...sound is working and the speaker mutes when headphones are connected but there´s no sound coming from the headphones. Also the built in mic continues working normal when a mic is plugged into the line in/mic-port Have a nice day. Greetings Dragonsoul
  9. Hey Guys. Just wanted to report that everything´s running (more or less...have to run pfix from time to time without an obvious reason, also running on battery is not as stable as keeping the machine hooked to the psu) pretty smooth so far. It seems like speedstepping is not working correct...msr tools never report more than 1,73ghz top frequency...from what i know the i7-720qm should clock much higher (and it does so under win7) when needed. Anyone got thoughts or infos on that issue? Have a nice one. Dragonsoul
  10. @KIZWAN: Hey. Thanks for the info and the effort of putting the kext together. I´m looking forward to test once you found the time to do it. Have a nice one. Greetings Dragonsoul
  11. Hi Kizwan. Tried your kext on my hp dv6 2150eg but without luck. :-( Installed in extras and s/l/e but got something like "sound assertion 0 == pcivendorProductid failed in applehda at line 33345 and 2 similiar messages during reboot. greetings dragonsoul
  12. Hey bobzillah. I was using the standard driver from netgear... Had no problem using it on my desktop with Sl and on my dv6 2150eg using mammoths guide i had to place the kext from the installation in the c/e/e folder for the device to be recognized and in s/l/e for the wlan utility to work. Greetings Dragonsoul
  13. "Kizwan: Don't worry. I already started this. It already 80% complete. Audio kexts for test will be available soon. It is based on codec dump given to me by Mac Man 50. Good news is the codec dump does allow auto-switch between internal speaker & HP. When plugged in the HP, it should disable the internal speaker." That´s great news! Thanks a lot. cheers Dragonsoul
  14. Hi Mammoth. I can confirm on replacing the ps2 kext with the voodoo one makes scrolling with the touchpad working. Moving the AppleHda to s/l/e didn´t do nothing for me so i hope kizwan will do some magic for us. Also i can confirm the random Kp mentioned earlier when running with battery only. and i got my netgear wg111v3 working after copying the kext to c/e/e (keeping the original one in s/l/e in order to keep the netgear wlan utility working). Have a nice one. Greetz Dragonsoul