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  1. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but it's about as close to it as I can get. So I kinda broke my snow install DVD(Long story), but I managed to grab a dump from another one not too long ago (I used dd with a BS of 2048 to dump the full DVD to a file). Problem is that I dont have access to dual layer blank DVD's (geographic isolation..), only single layer, 4.7GB disks. I have the image here: [meh@nullifer /Volumes/My Passport]ls -lh snow_install.iso -rwxrwxrwx 1 root admin 6.3G 4 Aug 17:29 snow_install.iso However once mounted, it only contains a 4.3GB HFS filesystem (I trimmed some of the {censored} out of it): [meh@nullifer /Volumes/My Passport]df -h | grep DVD /dev/disk3 6.3Gi 4.1Gi 2.2Gi 65% /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD It's mounted a RW: [meh@nullifer /Volumes/My Passport]mount | grep DVD /dev/disk3 on /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD (hfs, local, nodev, nosuid, noowners, mounted by meh) So far so good. The only problem is when I go to re-burn the image, we are trying to burn a >6GB partition onto a <5 GB disk, which is stupid Does anyone know how to re-size a HFS partition which is contained inside of an ISO? Alternatively, I was thinking of extracting the HFS partition and then resizing it when I have a RAW partition. Does anyone have any idea's? EDIT: I tried diskutil from the CLI: [meh@nullifer ~]diskutil resizeVolume /dev/disk3 limits Volume format does not support resizing