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    iatkos l2 after instalation

    Thanks, will give it a try. As I see it - i can set up everything w.o. wireless ( intel ) and usb ports .
  2. kristapzs

    iatkos l2 after instalation

    Huh, how can I do that? i'm quite a big noob in all this "hackintosh" thing.
  3. kristapzs

    iatkos l2 after instalation

    Hey, So after messing around with l1 witch usually failed and a lot of hours of research I finally got iAtkos l2 working on my samsung np300. So here starts the issues - I can boot only with -x . Default boot just hangs. My laptop is detected as mac pro, but it's not a big deal. Keyboard / mouse is not working ( i can still use usb keboard & mouse ) and only working thing is Bluetooth ( LOL ) . After some research I have found intel hd3000 kexts. I putted them on usb, but noone of my usb ports sees the kingston flash. I'm pretty much stuck since I can't find Realtek GBE Family Controller kexts and use internet I can put them on. I don't know what to do now. How to put any kexts on my lion? Any suggestions?
  4. kristapzs

    Lion installation error

  5. kristapzs

    Lion installation error

    Hi, I decided to give lion a try on my samsung np300 - i5-2430M, 250 mhz. / 6 gb ram,Intel hd graphics ( I believe 3000hd. ) & Geforce 520MX ( I'm not expecting this to work ). Bios is Phoenix SecureCore Tiano so options are very limited. Anyhow my error - I put bootable iatkos l1 CD , everything starts good, I choose installation from available options and after that it hangs on white screen. As I'm pretty much a huge noob I don't know what to do now. Any Suggestions ?
  6. kristapzs

    Samsung NP300E5A - Can he run It?

    Hey, thanks for your response. After a lot of research it seems that I was wrong about my on board video card. I believe it's Intel 2000hd not 3000 . Although I'm not sure. Aida64 says 3d accelerator is Intel hd 2000. I'm pretty sure my integrated intel wireless card will not work too, but i can but usb wifi adapter for like 20$ on ebay. So my current problem is intel 200hd & nvidia 520mx. As i spend 8+ hours in photoshop daily they are vital for me. So maybe there is any written solution for 520mx and intel 2000hd?
  7. Hello, after a little bit thinking I've decision to give osx a try on this system. As I see it my configuration is pretty much the same as 13' early 2011 macbook pro models. My specs-. CPU Family name Core i5 Clock speed 2400 MHz Model number i5-2430M Chipset Intel HM65 Express (intel 3000 on board graphics) Screen size 15.6" Memory 6144 MB HDD capacity 750 GB VGA card NVIDIA GeForce GT 520MX Memory size 1024 MB So whad do you think - Can I run osx? Witch installation method do You suggest? P.S. sorry for ugly cell-style formatting, I was copying my specs from retail sellers page
  8. Hello, yesterday I tried to set up Kalyway's mac osx 10.5.2 on my main PC,but after few crashes I decided to instal it on my second PC. ( It has been running mac osx tiger 10.4.3 WITHOUT any problems - 100%like ). I installed MAC OS X , everything went really nice, but now it drops me Mac OS version : Not yet set, so I typed -legacy and tried to set my hdd as startup disk @ STARTUP DISK UTILITY , but it doesn't show up. WHY IS THAT? How can i fix that?
  9. Hello, I just installed Leo 10.5.2 and I have got some issues- 1. So I'm running a Foxconn 915A01-P-8EKRS2 and I have onboard alc 880 sound-card. At beginning I wasn't able to hear anything, but after all I found solution here - http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...php/t96398.html . Now If I plug out my headphones and plug them in after booting- everything is fine,but if I don't do that , then osX hangs on after showing grey apple boot-up screen. Is there any solution how can i fix it? its pretty annoying to plug -out/in etc. 2. How can I get my RADEON x600 work? I've tried calisto radeon x600 kext but it doesnt worked for me . 3. When I push - About This Mac my pc just restarts from boot screen. How can i fix that? Everything else works just great
  10. please send me kexts - kristapzs@e-apollo.lv
  11. Hello, I've tried zypheroth / ipc realises - noone worked fine.. ( no boot to installation or boot errors etc. ) So, I installed Kalyways 10.5.2. .. Everything were fine, I really w8ted for osX screen to appear but i got an error - Mac OS version : not yet set . I re-installed osX - same error, I tried -f > doesn't work.. Any suggestions ? My PC is ECS nforce3-a mb , amd 3000+ processor , nvida 9600xt graphics etc. I thought that maybe my mb isn't supported.. ?
  12. kristapzs

    Zephiroth Mac OS X 10.5.1 AMD Install Guide

    {censored} my instalation freeze
  13. kristapzs

    [HELP] Hackingtosh OSX on AMD 3000+

    I found this video - .that guy is running leo on amd 3000+ 64 bit.. so it's possible
  14. Hello, I've been windows user since I met computers. Recently I had an idea to make my 2nd PC which sits under my deck hackingtosh powered. His specs are - amd athlon 3000+ 3 gHz standing on ECS NFORCE 3-A motherboard using 756 ddr 400 ram samsung ata 120 GB hard drive realtek alc ( dunno actually 97 i think ) sound card Radeon 9600 XT graphic card. I know it isn't greatest cpu configuration for MAC OSX but I really doesn't want to reinstal my main INTEL based PC. I have researched and I know everything ( i'm not shure about ram and mboard ) is suported / i can find kext for them. So 1st question - Are my MB and Ram supported 4 osx? 2nd question which would be the best mac osx instalation for my system ( for now i'm thinking about - zephiroth mac osx for amd or leo4all. Please sorry for my bad english.. And my dump questions - I'm really new @ mac osx.