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  1. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    Yup, and yup. I can't get the rotate trick to work properly even for a single display. The rotate script does activate, but *after* the sleep cycle. And as DAXGr mentioned, I can see my desktop after it. Knowing the GTX6xx have better OSX support, I initially wanted to get a nVidia card, but apart from the GTX680/690, it seems none of their cards have a miniDP
  2. [Guide] Bypass the white screen for ATI HD 7xxx (10.8.3)

    I've actually tried all 7xxx fbs but sadly none worked for me But I am not certain if I'm using the correct fb flag, because they don't seem to have any effect. Sad to hear that there are now 3 cases of non-working sleep trick on a standard 7870 There's a recent post at tony's about the 7870 that got me excited at first (I think he got the same card as you), but turns out he's using integrated graphics. I can boot in easily with a 2nd card without the need of deleting kexts. Btw are you currently booting in using integrated graphics or a 2nd VGA as well? I'm currently booting using an old PCI card as my first display, but since it's a really old card, it's causing a lot of lag even on my main display. And if you're using integrated graphics, do you experience the same kind of lag? I'm now trying to figure out if I can disable the PCI card after I boot in. If I can have that, and if lag can be eliminated after that, I'll be happy enough. Right now I'm just putting my system to sleep when I leave it for the night. Yup We need that flag to boot in, but the problem is, we can't get the rotate trick to initiate at the white screen.
  3. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    I tried waiting over 5 minutes and it remains white the entire time. Drive activities stopped after the first 10secs or so, and after waiting a bit more after that moment, the sleep trick would no longer work. The sleep trick doesn't seem to be predictable to begin with, because the drive LED flashes at random and inconsistent timings - pressing the power button too early or too late wouldn't work. Very strange indeed... I'm almost giving up on this and thinking of going back to my 6870 again
  4. [Guide] Bypass the white screen for ATI HD 7xxx (10.8.3)

    Actually there are at least two posts from a different forum of success using the rotate trick on a 7870 but both are the OC version
  5. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    The first one... I have auto login enabled, but I have attached a screenshot of it to be sure I have everything rightIf I have any Automator app in Login Items, as I boot it would go: white screen > I wait till HDD light is off > hit power button > wait for 1-2min > computer shuts down > hit power button again > screen goes blue for 1-2secs if I have FBrotatate / sleeps and wake up again if I have fnordsensei's script > desktop immediately appears.
  6. [Guide] Bypass the white screen for ATI HD 7xxx (10.8.3)

    @ koriwi I'm trying it on a 7870 as well. Could that be the reason?
  7. HD 7xxx-Can we eliminate the Sleep Trick?

    @ fnordsensei Thanks for the script. It works as its supposed to when run manually. But I can't get it to run during the white screen. Adding the Automator app to "Login Items" makes the script run *after* I can successfully boot in by manually hitting the power button to sleep and waking back up. Would appreciate any help on how to go about fixing this. Thanks in advance.
  8. [Guide] Bypass the white screen for ATI HD 7xxx (10.8.3)

    Thanks for compiling the different methods. I can get the sleep trick to work, but I'd rather have something automated. I'm trying to get the rotation trick to work to no avail. It seems "Login Items" isn't activated during the white screen. All script runs after I successfully boot in using the sleep trick. Any idea why it doesn't run at the white screen and how to fix it? Thanks again.
  9. My deepest apology. I assumed the underlined text as "boot with the USB" rather than "boot into".After proceeding with 3.b, I'm now in ML. Proceeding to DSDT patching now. Thanks a bunch for the great guide, Rockinron!!
  10. Thanks for the prompt reply, Rockinron. I have the nullcpupowermanagement.kext placed in my USB in S/L/E. Should manually install it through a 2nd bootable OS?
  11. Hi, I've previously had a running ML system installed by a different method. But the system would hang after a certain period. Upon re-installing to SL using the same method, the same problem persist. So I am assuming its not an OS issue.. I then did a search for an alternative method to install ML and stumbled upon your thread. I think I have followed everything correctly, cept I had to choose MBR instead GUID because GUID wasn't readable. Also I had to manually remove ATI6000controller.kext in order to install ML, else it won't proceed. After installation, I'm faced with a KP, below is a screenshot of it. Would appreciate any help on what went wrong. Thank you in advance.
  12. Graphic card uses?

    I need to first apologize for starting a thread asking this really noob-ish question. But just curious whether or not I would actually have a need for a powerful graphic card. All this while, whenever possible, I usually try to get the fastest graphic card I could afford, just in case I need to play some graphic-intensive games. These "just in case" never happened (because I'm not much of a PC gamer), and even if they do, I ended up already having a whole new system, again with the fastest graphic card (last purchase I opted for a 5970 solely for playing Starcraft II). But when trying to setup up a hackintosh system, I was unable to get the miniDP on the 5970 to work, so just a few days ago I got a 6870 cos I read that it is the currently highest graphic card Lion could support. What I miss is that the 6870 is currently the highest AMD card and found out that that the "fermi" GTX570/580 are already supported in Lion *facepalm* Now if I am certain that I wouldn't be gaming at all on my hackintosh, should I stay with the 6870 and stop this chase trying to get the fastest graphic card? Will it be sufficient to run Lion as smooth as it should @ 2560x1440 single display? Or a better question would be: is the graphic card responsible for anything else other than gaming? Thanks in advance
  13. Radeon 5970 Snow Leopard Instructions

    Thanks a bunch, sorandom! I am real close to giving up... matter of fact, I'm already in Windows now (truly miss the full 2560x1440 res) Your method would probably the last thing I'd try before truly giving up. Will let you know how it goes? Fingers crossed! ^^x Thanks again
  14. AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    Ok, I have gone through all 30 framebuffers using Kabyl's latest boot. Flag was 'AtiConfig' and rom named 1002_689C_25421002.rom (<- unsure of this) This time I unplugged my DVI monitor, just in case there are issues with dual display, but there seems to be no change with every single FB I tried =\ Hope I'm not doing it wrong cos another 30 reboots won't be fun >.< Any other suggestions or is the miniDP on a 5970 is just not possible?
  15. Been following instructions from a different thread with a "kabyl boot" file and been trying the first few framebuffers/config with AtiFb, only to have found the latest boot file needs a different flag and different rom naming convention. I apologize for the beginner's question, but may I know where to lookup the "subsys id" from? bootup shows a SSID value of 2542, but its only 4 digits and I just want to be sure before I start all the 30 different config again. Tried sudo lspci -nnvd 0x1002: | grep -B2 Subsystem. but Terminal returned a "command not found" Appreciate some help. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Windows CCC tells me the following: Primary adapter Subsystem ID: 2542 Subsystem Vendor ID: 1002 Linked adapter Subsystem ID: 2042 Subsystem Vendor ID: 1002 taking a stab at it, would it be correct to name the rom 1002_689c_25421002.rom? Thanks again