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  1. Lenovo B570

    First, My thanks to macinsane for his guide and kexts. They made my Lion installation process a breeze. My laptop specs were similar to macinsane's, except the wireless card was a Broadcom BCM4313. I partitioned the hard drive into two, with MBR - I installed Win 7 on one partition and then installed Lion on the other. I started off trying an install with Iatkos L1 on USB flash drive following macinsane's post, but for some reason, it would always fail during installation at the 3 minutes remaining mark. So, I tried a retail install of 10.7.0 (MBR patched) following myHack's guide (http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/) using the Extra folder provided by macinsane. This worked and completed the install, but would not boot normally into the install. I was able to boot into the install using a '-x' flag. Downloaded the kexts and sys definition onto the machine using ethernet and installed them. Also installed the dsdt and other kexts provided by macinsane. I was then able to boot normally into the install without any flags. At this point, only my wireless card was not working (its not supported by Lion/Mac OS). I tried swapping the wireless card with one from a Dell laptop (BCM 4312) which worked only after I installed a non-whitelist Bios on the laptop. I was able to upgrade to 10.7.2 with software update and re-installed the kexts as sugested by macinsane. I also installed Chameleon 2.1-r1650, but was unable to sign up for icloud. Installed chameleon wizard and changed the serial number to a random one (careful not to change the system definition) and got icloud working. Now I have a 'fully' functioning Lenovo B570 with Win7/Lion dual boot!