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  1. Hey guys I have the same problem. I'm using GA-Z77X-UP5-TH motherboard, BCM94360CD and adapter on PCI-E X1 slot. It connects to the USB (two wires that go to data pins) I have Bluetooth working, but WiFi fails. The strange thing that it was working for a minute or so and then stopped. Are there any solutions? I'm on Yosemite 10.0.1 (it was the same with 10.10) I tried resetting caches, updating Yosemite, putting the card to a different X1 slot - it's all the same. Bluetooth is ON, WiFi is OFF
  2. Notice 2 It seems to me the main source of the problems is Flash. With installation/reinstallation of Adobe soft I was installing/reinstalling Adobe Flash.
  3. One more notice. I reinstalled Adobe soft and freezes came back. So I reinstalled Mac OS X again (10.7.2) and restored from Time Machine (with the same Adobe soft and everything - including old kexts) - freezes disappeared! I cannot explain this phenomena
  4. Then I'm out of ideas! What helped me was reinstalling 10.7.0 from scratch (without any 3rd party kernels or something) - a pure Mac OS X installation + Chameleon, and then upgrading to 10.7.2 and adding my specific kexts. I cannot tell what is the difference between two copies - I'm so tired of hours and hours of testing and freezing
  5. Well, the theory about cheap hardware is not for me I have a top IBM hardware, the most expensive laptop they were selling. it works on Win without problems. And on 10.6.7 without any problems too! Starting from 10.6.8 and now 10.7.2 I had freezes. My 2-cents for the theory is that the persons that have this problems both 1) Use VGA-out 2) Use extensive graphic software
  6. Thanks for the suggestion! I tried every MacBook possible with no success BUT when I reinstalled Mac OS X 10.7.0 and then updated to 10.7.2 and restored from Time Machine my previous config, the freezes disappeared!!!! I run the same config as before, the same DSDT and the same SMBIOS (with non-existent MacBookPro2,3). But there are no freezes. So it makes me think the problem is not in MacBook version. And I run the same set of kexts as before (10.7.2 + replaced X3100FB from you, VoodooPS2Controller, VoodooTSCSync, and AppleACPIPlatform from 10.6.7 (or else I have problems with sleep which I cannot fix), patched AppleRTC for BIOS fix and patched IOAHCIFamily for TRIM, patched AppleHDA and FakeSMC with a couple of plugins, patched Apple16X50Serial + TabletEnabler for Wacom). No freezes for 2 days on the same config. I tried every single software that caused freezes before (like Parallels or Adobe software or Flash) - everything is ok. I can't understand why
  7. Did anyone try to SSH a Mac when it happens? A lot of people report that they have the same bug on original Mac and when they SSH they see WindowServer is frozen and takes 100% of CPU. (Just enter "windowserver freeze lion mouse moves" in goog). It may be the same problem as we have, no? P.S. Some people suggest a solution to this deleting ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*windowserver* I tried it and it worked for me for several hours - I didn't catch a single freeze. But then it started happening again
  8. In my case MacBook 5,1 makes all my hackintosh significantly slower and doesn't help
  9. Thank a lot for the files and the tips!! I tried your settings with 10.7.2. Maybe the Lion version matters - I cannot get the same picture as you do in IORegistryExplorer. Although the freezes for me are a way less frequent with your suggestions - I still catch one freeze a day after extensive usage of OpenGL BTW, You chose MacBook5,1 which originally doesn't have X3100 onboard. Maybe that's the cause too?
  10. Jorge Rivera, Can you please put here your files: 1) X3100 10.5.8 kexts, 2) X3100 DSDT patch (in any format) and your 3) FakeSMC 4.2 with your plugins? Thanks!
  11. Well, the freezes appeared again, after SSDT+Everest solution. They are way less frequent, but once a day I still have a freeze
  12. Seems the SSDT+Everest (up on this thread from Jorge Rivera) stopped my freezes! I tried Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Flash/Adobe/Parallels/Anything else - NO freezes for two days! (Previously it was freezing 2-3 times a day)!!! Thank you!!
  13. javuchi, you have a very bright mind! I think you're getting close to the solution, but maybe your conclusions are not the exact cause of it. I had freezes on every possible temperature of GPU from 30 to 70 degree. From the other point, maybe the sensors readings are not correct. But I had freezes with BIOS cooling management (it works on Windows without any freezes ever). The other news I have is that my friend has a genuine Macbook with NVIDIA and he has the same problem as us. So maybe the problem is even not in adaptor. javuchi, please continue, maybe you finally find it! P.S. When I have freezes - I hear a very specific high-pitched constant noise coming out of my Hackintosh. I hear it very often and it stops usually. But when frozen it just continues on and on until restart.