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  1. I have this idea, that it MAY be possible to create a kext to enable the apple keyboard buttons to issue DDC/CI commands to control brightness of the 3rd party monitors connected to macs / hackintoshes. I have tried to find out more information regarding this subject, but it appears the subject is moot. There is no DDC/CI interface or command line interfaces on Mac (at least Google knows nothing about them). I was wondering, does anyone else have any views regarding this, and does anyone else have gotten their brightness buttons to work with 3rd party monitors. The idea of passing DDC/CI commands to the monitor would be great, since it would work with most monitors, and would allow the brightness to be set via software. I guess it should not be that difficult to implement, if some form of DDC/CI interface exists for a mac. So basically, please comment on the ideas outlined above, maybe someone knows something more?