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  1. Same problem here, 10.7.2. I get the boot loop (before bios screen) if I try to wake from lan (WOL) of from bluetooth dongle. It will also block on that loop mode when I try to reboot. While just powering of the power supply didn't work, the reset button usualy works or worst case senario moving the ram stick around will mostly always do the job. No idea why or how it's happenning, but I seems to be related to sleep on my end. Cartri bios 0.8 on ud3p
  2. I have a classic Lifehackers build with the Ep45-UD3P and the V3 package for it, I did manage to get the bluetooth and airport working with the good hardware, but can't seem to make anything work on the first PCI slot of the Mobo. Tried alot of different Bios settings and all I can get is OSX to see (used for example) the trendnet wthernet card but no way to use it. Plus this case seems occasional, sees it sometimes sometimes don't The second slot works perfect without any problems no matter... Any Ideas...???? I tryied everything I could!
  3. False temps in iStat

    I have the exact (minus the case) lifehacker's build and i Keep on getting 68ish temps on the CPU, wich according to the informations i got is quite high. But when I go into bios right after load i get more 55, and 50 temps and sloly coold down to 45 on idle. Either the temps i got in I stat are wrong or it has time to cool down when I restart to bios. Any Ideas solutions, I juste want to be sure it's really too hot before I buy a cooling system. The case I have is a Antec three hundred with a lot of airflow, so I thought it' would be enough.... Thanks for the help!
  4. I am searching for a way to send a video signal to my tv. a s-video would work, but I am not able make the s-video work on the 9800 gtx. Any Ideas how that could be done? Thanks
  5. Since I didn't get any help I just reinstalled everything and turned off the "quick startup" in the Bios, and everything seems fine! Thanks anyway!
  6. I almost finished installing the osx and everything and i was wondering what was the best restore options if something fails on my install. Right now I made a time machine backup AND a super duper "sparce" bundle image on and external drive. But I was wondering how can I restore the image if the backup is on a HFS drive and the only mac os I have is down. My Hopes/options: create another os on an firewire external drive and restore from there, or find an app/live cd that can restore from the windows partition or from the live cd. What do you guys use?? Hardware: the exact lifehackers build, ep45-ud3p, 9800gtx, 3,0 quad core.
  7. I've installer the EXACT lifahacker's build and I get the "About this mac Crash" on 1 of my 2 installs. Any ideas why, and why on 2 of the exact same install? I am using the EP45-UD3P installer v.3. I also tryied installing the old one. Same problem. I have a feeling the problem could be coming from the Bios (FD version), but I don't know what to look for! Thanks for your help!