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  1. Why should I use OSx86?

    Thanks for the replies! That's about what I expected. My girlfriend just bought herself a shiny new iMac, so I am spending some time on it & getting used to the interface and such, although I'm having just as much fun installing and configuring Ubuntu Linux on her old laptop. I think the hardware of the iMac might be what is really alluring to me though. Warcraft and my audio DAWs sure do look nice on the 21" screen... and the 4gigs of RAM certainly boost their performance Alessandro17, having tried all the flavors on the PC, would you say OSx86 is your favorite?
  2. Why should I use OSx86?

    Hi there everyone! So after a cursory forum & google search I wasn't able to find any topics posing this question: What are the benefits to using OSx86 over Linux or even Windoze? That is, besides the 'cool' factor Now, I run both Ubuntu Linux & Windows, so I can pretty much accomplish whatever I need (I'm an Audio Engineer by trade & hobby), so I'm curious if there are things can I accomplish using OSx86 on my machine that I can't with my other operating systems? I'm new to the forum so Hi to everyone & thanks in advance for any replies