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  1. Salve a tutti. Arrivo subito al sodo. Sto tentando di installare Mavericks di Niresh sul mio pc Hp Sleekbook con HW presente nella mia firma mediante Virtualbox. Mi appare questo seguente kernel panic che allego. Ho Provato con tutti i flag amd46-v Ge=No ma non vuole proprio sapere di partire. Ringrazio anticipatamente chi tenterà di aiutarmi. Grazie.
  2. Ragazzi dopo aver aggiornato mediante software update Snow leopard alla 10.6.8 sul mio 1005p Non mi boota più il s.o. in quanto mi da il solito errore PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN..Ho letto in giro e mi dicono di sostituire i 2 kext con quelli della 10.6.7 che non trovo.. Comunque i kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext - IOPCIFamily.kext non li trovo proprio nella cartella Extension in modo tale che io possa sostituirli...Comunque mi potete aiutare?? Grazie
  3. What Version of Mac os x can I Install?

    I do not ask for the link but only the name of the Version of lion. Andrea.
  4. What Version of Mac os x can I Install?

    Oh I'm Sorry Mod, But I Don't Know if Lion Retail works on my PC.
  5. What Version of Mac os x can I Install?

    Hi Andrew! Thanks for the answer. Does You Know What .Iso of Lion can I install?? And What driver can I use for GMA 3150???
  6. Hi Guys! I'm italian and I'm going to ask you what version of Mac os x I can install. I've a netbook Asus 1005p with Snow Leopard operating on it. But I want to know if Lion or ML can be installed on it. The Hardware of PC is described on the Signature...Thanks to All. Andrea.
  7. Problem with nsgui 0.2

    Hy Guys! I've a problem with nsgui 0.2 The Wifi of my pc detects my networks of router but since my network connection have the password Nsgui doesn't connect to my router. If i delete the password from my router Nsgui works fine...But we know the risks of them xD How nsgui connects to router with the insertion of password? Thanks
  8. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Yeeeeeeee I managed to install Leopard on my pc and it works great now I try to use the first tutorial
  9. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    I Can't do this because I don't have another mac to preparate the Usb Disk
  10. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Nothing! The installation of Iatkos s3 v2 at 11' to end crashes
  11. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    I don't have a pc with a processor that supports virtualization MMM But I read that the iso Iatkos s3 v2 works fine on an eeepc!
  12. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Mmmh Yes! I can Try It! But the virtual machine works fine on an eeepc?
  13. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Yes,I have already read this tuto! But I haven't another Mac
  14. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Hi fantomas Thanks for the answer Now ,to start, I'm installing Leopard 10.5.7 (ideneb) but I believe that this will not work! What .Iso you advise me? And the iso must be Retail?
  15. [Help] Asus 1005p Installation

    Hi At All!! I'm Italian and sorry for my bad english. I've a pc Netbook Asus 1005p and I want to install Snow Leopard or Lion ,if this is possible, on my pc. Please can an user help me?What Iso i must to choose? Thanks!