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  1. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    My Protools HD2 8 isn´t working fully right. First if I select more than 2 DSP´s from the Playback engine in Setup menu i get communications problems with Audio interface e.t.c. I´m having my Core card on PCI 2 and accel on PCI 1 couldn´t get it to work without glitches and loops the other way around. I read here on the forum people have been using DSDTSE for PCI issues but it´s not explained in depth how to do it. Could anyone give some guides for doing this or is it something making my system buggy?
  2. When I put my HD core in PCI 2 and Accel in PCI it got Kernel Panic when launching PT the first time then just restarted again and then it worked fine no loops an glitches. But when I installed system in my studio I got the loop and glitches back (but not every start) things I changed was adding another interface and connecting two fans to the mobo(i think.) I will investigate this further tomorrow. Are you other also having the Core in PCI slot 2?
  3. Did some more searching and saw that som other members had have the same problem like Noizyboy and PTmixer. Did you ever resolve that?? I used both Kakewalk and Cartri bootloader but still is getting this glitches and looping during 10.6.2 and also 10.6.4 with PT HD 8.0.3
  4. I also having problem with my PT HD 2 my hackintosh is superstabil with everything from FIreforex to Logic Pro but having issues with HD 2 and is startign to think it´s PCI related. Can´t find any info regarding this. Is there a way to give different PCI slots different ID?
  5. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Oh well still have the same problem 9 out of 10 starts. Starting to think it´s PCI ID related. I´m using a Geforce 8800GT on the PCIe on my EP45-UD3LR Could it be a PCI ID thing and what are the solutions for that??
  6. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    Tried to update to 10.6.4 and PT 8.0.4 before wiping the HD and doing a clean 10.6.2 install, but of course no change. Then I read somewhere that corsair is not supported with EP45 and i messed around with the DRAM timing settings in Bios put them to 5-5-5-18 instead of Auto. And voila... Now PT plays nicely and RTAS works will do some more testing and maybe change the memory to something that´s in Gigabyte EP45 supported memory list But so far everything works in 10.6.4 and 8.0.4.
  7. Anyone run Pro Tools on a Hackintosh?

    I´m having some problems with my ProTools HD2 PCI rig 8.0.3, 10.6.3, EP45-UD3LR. Protools starts up and I can open session e.t.c. BUT..some weird problems Audio sounds a bit distorted like a bad clock. RTAS plugs doesn´t work but TDM do Audio playback starts to loop after approx 3 sec but timeline is still moving on the audio region. Anyone have some ideas what to look for?