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  1. bci24sg22

    Microphone problem

    Did you get your sound working?
  2. bci24sg22

    Apple hda for my IDT

    Is any chance making IDT 92HD75B2X5 working with AppleHDA?
  3. bci24sg22

    GTX 480 and Lion OS X

    I have also a GTX 480. I connected the PC with my Sony Bravia KDL40EX720 TV using the DVI - HDMI cable. In Windows works great. In OS Lion 10.7.3 i don`t have sound, when i change the resolution to 720P the edges are left outside the screen. Any ideas how to fix this?
  4. bci24sg22

    HP/Compaq WIFI whitelist 104 error

    On hp forums will not find what you are looking for....at least i didn't get. I was having the same problem...you can try this forum ( you can found good stuff ) Cheers!
  5. bci24sg22

    ATHEROS AR5007 (Aspire 150 Working w/Kismac)

    Never mind...i changed with a Broadcom BCM94321MC which now is recognized as an airport extreme. Cheers!
  6. bci24sg22

    Aspire 5610z-2762, Atheros AR5007EG (168c,001c)

    I found on other forum my bios modified which is removing the "WhiteList" from HP. Now i have a working wifi (airport extreme) :censored2:
  7. bci24sg22

    IDT HDA audio kext

    Please somebody help me with that kernel panic. :censored2:
  8. never mind.....forget about this stupid wifi card. I get a Broadcom BCM94321MC and is recognized as an airport extreme. Cheers!
  9. bci24sg22

    Aspire 5610z-2762, Atheros AR5007EG (168c,001c)

    I just get the BCM94321MC card but guess what, the laptop don't recognized. When power the laptop i get the error: 104 unupported wireless network device detected. system halted. remove device and restart I replace the Atheros AR5007 from my CQ61-125EQ with a Broadcom BCM94321MC. I have the latest bios F.23 installed. If i can pass the bios check the wifi will work. (I have unplug the wifi card, power the pc and when the bootloader is show - GRUB - i plug the wifi card then boot into Windows 7 and everythink is working fine. The card is recognized and working well. HP have a whitelist of wifi card witch only that cards work. If i can somehow pass the bios test will be perfect. I found this solution, but i am not sure if it's realy safe to do it: First off if you don't have linux installed you will need to go to www.knoppix.org and download KNOPPIX_V3.8.2-2005-05-05-EN.iso, then burn the cd You need to have the card install during the boot sequence so, have your laptop open and bootup, when you see the boot:_ line insert the card then press enter. Knoppix will autodetect the card & the bios wont complain. Once knoppix has booted: Click on the penguin on the taskbar and select "Root Shell", then the following command (from now on any line that begins with a # is a command to be typed at the Root prompt: #iwconfig You will get a list of ethernet adapters, eth0, eth1 etc. The wireless one should be quite obvious from the text displayed after it with all the wireless parameters! #ethtool -e ethX Obviously replace the 'X' with the index of your wireless card you found above. You will get a hex dump of the 256 bytes of EEPROM data. Note: There is nothing dangerous in the above steps at all. If you want to writing to your EEPROM (You can seriously screw your card up so be careful ): #mkdir /usr/tmp #cd /usr/tmp #wget http://www.geocities.com/sonyirclib/ipw2200.tar.gz > N.B. This file has already been patched to allow writing to the eeprom #tar xvzf ipw2200.tar.gz #cd ipw2200-1.0.3 #sh unload #sh load Now all that you need to do is write to the eeprom. If your card is from Europe: #ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0x8 value 0xf6 #ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0x9 value 0x12 #ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0xa value 0x3c #ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0xb value 0x10 If it is from the US: ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0x8 value 0xf5 ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0x9 value 0x12 ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0xa value 0x3c ethtool -E eth0 magic 0x2200 offset 0xb value 0x10 N.B. the -E must be uppercase for writing to work. Now reboot your computer and you should no longer get the error 104...!
  10. bci24sg22

    Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    I am using OS Lion on a Compaq 610 too and have an Intel Wifi 5100 AGN (8086:4237). So i guess this card will never work on Lion, right?
  11. bci24sg22

    ATHEROS AR5007 (Aspire 150 Working w/Kismac)

    Anyone has got working AR5007/AR5001 (AR5007 recognized in Windows 7) and AR5001 (recognized in Ubuntu) 168c:001c in Lion???? Any chance that this card will work in Lion?
  12. bci24sg22

    Aspire 5610z-2762, Atheros AR5007EG (168c,001c)

    Any news about AR5007 (168c:001c) ? I have that wifi and don't work in Lion. If someone have the kext for this wifi, please upload. Thank you.
  13. bci24sg22

    IDT HDA audio kext

    Thank you very much!!! Finally i can get some sound. The sound its working but i get to much kernel panics. In System Profile the audio looks strange like this: In System Preferences --> Sound like this: How can i get rid of that kernel panic???
  14. Thans jasballz for the tutorial. I use the tutorial for the Atheros to make it work. I am using Lion 10.7.1 I have the same wifi (168c:001c) In windows 7 i see it as AR5007 in Linux AR5001. I installed the IO80211Family.kext. In System Preferences --> Network now it appears (attached screenshot). I tried with kisMac but it doesn't see my card. Any ideas to make it work?