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  1. I have tried Mac OS X Server 10.6 option but then it does not execute this OSX Lion image as it is 64-bit. I saw this problem occuring to many on this video thread: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzIcekKhThQ...MIQ&lf=plcp Maybe it is 64-bit specific. Maybe some more bytes needs to be changed in 64-bit .exes to counter this check in them.
  2. Hi I am using this version 7.1.4 build-385536 of Vmware on Windows 7 x64 I am trying to use OSX prebuilt vmdk file on Vmware. After applying the Mac OSX guest patch (after or before tried both) As soon as I open the vmware image i get this error: You have configured this virtual machine to use a 64-bit guest operating system. However, 64-bit operation is not possible. This host does not support VT. For more detailed information, see http://vmware.com/info?id=152. Continue without 64-bit support? If I press Yes it hangs there,if no the image booting stops. I have heard this patch works for many people,but it just doesn't seem to work right for me. Please guide where am I doing it wrong. After applying patch it says 1 of 1 patched.