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    Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    The zip file extracts on a Mac into a .kext driver bundle (a directory of files) inside the directory is a file called Info.plist You can extract the file and drag the .kext bundle into /System/Library/Extensions (on Mac OS X 10.5.8). Then open a terminal and travel there and into /AnyiSightCam.kext/Custom and perform chmod 644 Info.plist to make it editable. Then edit the file with vi The file contains three sections called [Fake Built-in iSight Device] [Fake Built-in iSight Interface A] [Fake Built-in iSight Interface B] Each section has a subsection called [iOProviderMergeProperties] do not change the idProduct and idVendor in these sections. Following the [iOProviderMergeProperties] section in each of the originals sections is the actual idProduct and idVendor that needs to be changed. Its unintuitive but makes sense from an XML perspective. The [iOProviderMergeProperties] section is subsectioned by indentation, when it unindents the same section continues and then presents the idProduct and idVendor variables that need to be changed. You can also search on Google for a free tool called "Pref Setter" which can edit the file for you if you first copy it out to a path where its visable to that tool for example / or /Users/<your user acct home> then use Pref Setter to edit it and copy it back. After editing be sure to chmod 755 Info.plist to restore the permissions. Not all apps are compatible with third party UVC cameras. The orginal Mac video interface favored firewire cameras. Then the iSight firewire camera and finally the iSight UVC camera. Quicktime, iPhoto and in some cases iChat have been updated more quickly than iMovie to recognize third party UVC cameras for video input. But those applications are not ideal for creating and editing video clips. The prefered tool for editing video clips is iMovie 09. Quicktime Player also does not create new movie clips without upgrading to a licensed version of the player called Quicktime Pro, leaving a new user with fewer tools than they would normally have. Also even if they wanted to upgrade to the next version of iMovie. iMovie 2011 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.8 so even if it does support a greater range of UVC cameras this is still a major fix for Leopard and possibly other versions of Mac OS X. It does indeed partially work but is targeted for the larger sensor of the c910 which is wider than the Pro 9000. It's a bit clunky and unstable at times. The Logitech authors, or the coders they inherited from the recent acquistion seem to still be wrestling with how to provide a generic tool for manipulating an extended UVC driver (kext). Implict in some of the CameraControl article was a design that seems to say only one application can control the UVC at a time. Or that its not intuitive but that you don't have to open the UVC in order to reset some of its parameters. Whichever way this falls could mean things like iMovie, Quicktime Pro, iPhoto and iChat will have to be "extended" rather than "partnered" with stand alone autofocus and exposure apps.. or that "partnered" apps are possible. They might also take the path of filters and let their private mangement app take control and offer a virtual UVC interface that other applications could use. It's encouraging though that they say in the start up window for the Logitech Mac application that while not guaranteed to work for your Logitech Webcam.. it may work and they have plans to extended this application to work with more cams in the future. The application can only be downloaded by going to the c910 support page and downloading for the Mac OS X operating system, so far no other webcam support page offers application or driver for the Mac OS X operating system except the c910. This does not currently have Autofocus control, Exposure Control, Bright, Contrast, Hue or any other advanced control features. It has minimal resolution control from 320 to 640 to 2 MP but flipping between them is not smooth and hangs up in a weird state sometimes. For now the ControlCamera app is still the most stable way to do a few more advanced features.. and you can't run it at the same time as anthoer app.