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  1. kernel panic, updating to 10.6.8

    the problem is how to roll back? i don't wanna to formatt it
  2. hey am using 10.6.6 on a dell inspiron 1545 even though that graphic is;nt supported, whenever i update via system update or combo update i get that kernel panic thing so, why?! is it because i have installed it over mbr partition? if so, is there any type of patch to patch that combo update?
  3. hey guys i have a problem that i wanna update to 10.6.8 from my current ver. 10.6.7 on my snow patched to mbr but the problem is that i cant update if i use software update the system wont boot if i use the standalone package it says that my volume dont meet the minimum requirments could u help me pls? inspiron 1545 chameleon rc 4 patched mr2
  4. SOLVED:X4500 Mouse artifact with Native Resolution

    yeslamo jasim walla inak wa7sh sho a5ba el qe/ci? jarbo gma 5700 hd shklo bynfa3
  5. hello there is there any solution which is safe to pust the laptop into sleep mode? ive used some kexts from kexts.com but every time i got kernel panic i use mac os x retail 10.6.4 on dell inspiron 1545 please help
  6. GMA X4500

    hey guys let us just forget about the x3100 i thing the solution will be by modifying the new intel hd cause they are in the same line come on we r soooo close for the qe/ci come on n nice effort go ahead
  7. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    hiii could it be modified to work for gma 4500hd? since they r in the same line i think that the modification could be done please report please any developer here!!!!
  8. hi all as a quick look over mac book air and the specifications on intel website i found this under the hd graphics discription so please any one can provide us with the kext? and if there was a try doese it work? up up guys
  9. some problems after installing mac

    it is dell inspiron 1545 it is mac os x retail graphic card gma 4500 core 2 duo please help track pad is alps windows 7 ultimate x64
  10. hi mmm i had some problems with the mac os x 10.6.4 retail the track pad do not work although i installed voodoo ps2 the login sound soes not work i got two boot loaders first i see the windows boot loader after that i inter to chameleon!!! also the voodoo batterey does not work please help
  11. unable to dual boot

    hello there i have installed windos 7 and mac os x by making guid partition and the partiton in fat 32 then installing win 7 after that installing mac os x and chamemlon at first there was a dual boot but there was a problem with the keyboard i have formatted the hd 10 times or more thinking that there is a problem with my installation steps then i have fixed the keyboard problem but iforgot to instal win 7 after these step i have reformatted them but there was no dual booting just booting to windows 7 i used easy bcd and chameleon rc5 but just booting to windows what is the problem?
  12. hi there i wanna to ask till now i know how to install mac os x 10.6.2 retail on my dell inspiron 1545 x64 btw my bios has a graphic user interfase it is "phoenix ROM bios plus version 1.10 A 14" but there is an issue that i didn't find a clear solution for it which is the gpt partitioning 1) my questions are can i install windows 7 on gpt partition and boot from it.? cauze i've seen some problems with people in the internet having windows 7 either is not able boot or installed in gpt partition 2) how can i create a hybrid gpt/mbr partition ? does it affect the performance of windows 7 and/or mac os x snow leopard? 3) i've read that i can modify my OSINSTALL.MPKG if i do this step does it affect mac os x performance? p;ease answer me on these 3 q's and which one is the best?
  13. hello there i had a problem with installing mac os 10.6.2 by hazad on my dell inspiron 1545 laptop after completing installation and restarting it give this error meesage please help me with it and what is the customization options i wanna ask is iatkosv compatible with this laptop and what is the customization options