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  1. Does it matter what Bios version I am currently on? Also have you ever tried to flash back to stock Bios without any issues?
  2. I am assuming you are running windows as well, Does the Modified Bios effect the performance of the board at all in the windows environment? I shouldn't have to flash my card though correct. And I wanted to thank you for helping me and all the time that you have dedicated to helping people like me.
  3. So I got the install to go through, I installed the drivers package and even now it will not boot unless I use safe mode? Any ideas . I am using p8p67 pro (no bios mods) and 6950. I am also using GraphicsEnabler=no
  4. Help with 10.6.2

    Ok, So I managed to get 10.6.2 installed by installing the bootloader to the hardrive after installing the update. Now Whenever I try to get to 10.6.3 I get the no signal problem again which I have figured is because of my graphics card, My question is how do I use my 10.6.2 kext or revert back to it after the update before I do the restart.
  5. Help with 10.6.2

    So from where I am standing. I figure it has to be a driver issue with my videocard, I am fairly new to this whole process so how would I go about changing the driver or kext? Any good sources or reading material would be much appreciated.
  6. Help with 10.6.2

    I am not using chamelon though I used this http://stellarola.tumblr.com/post/23846198...-update-ud3p-v3 I did not have to install any graphics kexts ect if i need to use chameleon is it possible to use it after I do the install and just install it on my hardrive?
  7. Help with 10.6.2

    That did not work. This is starting to drive me crazy and additional ideas would be much appreciated. I get the feeling that it has to do with my graphics card but I do not know.
  8. Help with 10.6.2

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section. So basicly I set up my first hackintosh build with GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P Intel core2 duo e8400 4gb Pc26400 DDR2 Memory Ati Radeon 4850 I used the lifehacker guide for the most part. I also used the EP45 Installer by stellas blog V3. Anyways it was up and running great, Every time I do the software updates however they install fine then after restart the bootloader shows up I select my hardrive ect and then I get a blank screen with no signal any tips on fixing this? My goal is to get up to 10.6.4. I am currently on 10.6.0. And click on update software I am assuming it is doing 10.6.2, However I am not sure.