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  1. PowerSupply

    Status of Intel P45 chipset on Leopard

    RTFF (RTF Forum) There are several posts about P45.
  2. PowerSupply

    Kalyway dual boot Vista Qs

    I had Vista installed on my first partition and then installed Kalyway 10.5.1 on my second using the MBR option since that's the only one that will work with Vista. But the install did something to my MBR so I had to repair my Vista install by first setting the Vista partition to active and then do a repair with the Vista DVD. After that I just set the Leopard partiton back to active and use the Darwin boot menu to select either OS X or Vista. Works great.
  3. PowerSupply

    Poor performance with 7300GS

    *bump* Anyone? BTW: I got the AppleEFIRuntime kext left in the Extensions folder. Should it be like that?
  4. Hello!, I've seen a lot of posts were ppl say that they got their 7300GS working perfectly. I though I was one of them but then I discovered that the performance is not what it should be. Cover Flow in iTunes lags (a lot in full screen), same with Front Row. Even the dock lags a little although it's not that bad. Is this how it should be or do you have any idea of what is wrong? I'm using Kalyway 10.5.1 and selected the NVInject driver at install. Any help is appreciated! Edit: Relevant specs: Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R rev1.1 Gainward 7300GS 256Mb kalyway 10.5.1 install
  5. I got the exact same problem. Flat install works fine but not Brazil or ToH DVDs.
  6. PowerSupply

    P35-DS3P Rev 2.0 F6 Bios

    You dont need a USB drive. Just use the yellow SATA-ports and set them to AHCI mode.
  7. PowerSupply

    EFI Post Install Package

    Hi Aliab, I got the exact same motherboard as you, even the same CPU! But I can't seem to get it to work with vanilla (original) kernel! Are you using vanilla kernel or are you using the BrazilMac kernel? Brazil kernel md5: ebb48dfdeb07a187f71878dc348fd0df Vanilla kernel md5: c4cdde3890b79ca3be765612b3cfbf94 I did a install from the terminal with the original DVD (osx-leopard105.dmg). and replaced: AppleSMBIOS.kext - from EFI package + AppleHDA.kext ALCinject.kext IONetworkingFamily.kext (all from your package) and added: dsmos.kext and deleted: AppleIntelCPU....kext (get rid of HPET error message right?) +repaired permissions +reboot Then I booted into single user mode and installed the EFI as it says in the ReadMe. Now I expected everything to work upon reboot but it doesn't! I get stuck at a screen full with "mDNSResponder-errors"...you know what I mean if you've seen it. What do you think causes my problem? How is my install different from yours?
  8. You can use a SATA cable instead of a bulky PATA cable. And SATA is mostly easier to get working with OS X than IDE.
  9. Can you boot from the purple ports? I can't. If I move the SATA cable from my HDD with my working Leopard install from yellow to purple I can't boot OS X. If I switch back again it's all fine.
  10. PowerSupply

    EFI Post Install Package

    Thanks a lot! Just what I needed! I will test this on my P35C-DS3R.
  11. Hello, Just a couple of hours ago I had an almost perfect install of Leopard after using the flat image method (BrazilMac patched). Now I can't get into the system. It all started with Mail.app crashing. When I started it again my mail-account was missing, and creating the same account again produced another crash. Then after doing some probably unrelated stuff* I reboted my system. That's when the big problem showed itself. Now I was presented with a login screen with no other account than "Other...", instead of getting straight to desktop as normal. It seems like my account has dissappeared and I got no other account on the system. What to do? I've tried to boot in single user mode but command-S doesn't have any effect other than making the mouse not work on the login screen. Maybe the mail-account dissappearing and my admin account disappearing is not even related problems. Anyway any help is much appreciated! Relevant system information: Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R flat image (BrazilMac patched) leopard used. dd to second harddrive. 2 harddrives booted from yellow ICH9 ports. AHCI enabled. - 1 harddrive with XP and Vista and another NTFS-partition. - 1 harddrive with Leopard (HFS+) and another NTFS-partition. *Probably unrelated: I changed the partition size of my Leopard install in between Mail.app crashing and my account dissappearing. I don't think this is related because everything worked fine just after I merged the two partition (This method worked great. Note that you need to set the partition to active, easily done by using diskpart.exe, to get the system to boot after using that method).
  12. PowerSupply

    Shutdown problems

    Same problem here on my Gigabyte P35C-DS3R. I used Leopard flat install (yes that one is Brazil-patched). Seems like this is a problem with BrazilMac Leopard installs only. Or does anyone not running BrazilMac Leopard also get this?
  13. PowerSupply

    How can I increase my Leopard partition size?

    Just use diskpart.exe in Vista to set the partition to active. Done.
  14. Yes, that's correct. All important stuff is working, but I'm still looking for an easy to understand guide on how to get the purple SATA ports to work with Leopard. Installation was a no-brainer for me, see my earlier post. You need the correct kext. Use GIGABYTE_P35_DSx_patch to get both ethernet and audio to work. Linked in an earlier post.