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  1. Hiya, not sure if this problem is specific to osx86, but I thought I'd give it a go; I'm currently trying to install the network drivers onto my installation of osx86, and for a particular driver, I need to use the 'make' command. Problem is, it the terminal rejects the command, claiming that it doesn't exist. Any help?
  2. I would also appreciate such a guide. As of now, I've successfully installed Kalyway's 10.5.2. I just got sound to work, but have yet to do the same for Internet (WiFi or serial cable), the keyboard hotkeys (like the volume keys), and the system is unpredictable in whether it will mount USB drives or not. In addition, I get "Operating system not found" with regards to my Windows 7 partition, even though the data is there, as confirmed by OSX's finder.
  3. pikjira

    Dell Vostro 1000 Installation Guide

    Very nice- I installed this on my dell studio 1558 and the OS works. I don't have any sound, though (can't find "archive.zip"), my USB flash drive lights up but is not mounted, and Internet (via both WiFi and a serial cable) does not work. Also, ever since I formatted The Partition on which I installed the OS, my other Windows Partition, while not deleted, as I have browsed its contents from OSX, can no longer be booted from. what gives?
  4. during my installation, I formatted a partition of my hard drive to Mac OSX extended. While the installer will only recognize that particular partition as OSX extended, my BIOS will not boot from the hard drive (another partition contains windows 7). Fortunately, I took an image of my hard drive before doing any of this, but what happened?
  5. Hiya. So, I have a usable boot disk, and a partitioned hard drive. Now, on my last attempt, when I chose the logical drive I wanted for my installation, it ended up formatting the entire hard disk. Not good. So what the hell happened? Also, just an idea: could I install the OS on a flash drive?