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  1. It basically throws up that loading bar, then it freezes into the grey reset screen, This is a common issue with the Studio 540, I don't know of any cases of it going past 10.6.4. I've never known anyone to actually use ILOk, is it any good?
  2. The mobo is being difficult. When I run the update, it just gives me loading screen error, and then restarts. It's common to this box.
  3. Hi all, I've been successfully running 10.6.4 on a Dell Studio 540 now for well over a year. It runs like a dream, but I cannot update it past 10.6.4. I recently got an iPhone 5, and low and behold, it won't run on the version of iTunes that I am stuck at (10.6.3). Is there any way to trick the programe (or the OS) into installing 11 on this setup? Thanks in advance.
  4. SittingNow

    Very odd question

    I've had a look on here, but I can only find posts about PCI (not Express) audio cards. Basically, I installed OSX86 10.6.4 on a friends machine, and it all installed fine (except audio). At some point he damaged his PCI-E slot, and it's just not working anymore. I know it's not likely, but are there any PCI graphics cards that will work with a OSX86 install? I imagine the answer is no, as Macs tend to use PCI-E. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,
  5. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    ...and now the big question. Which one of us is going to install 10.6.5 first?
  6. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    Ok, I dumped my ATI. and now I'm running in glorious 1080p Dual moniter! I'm using an external sound card, but I tried to get the internal working anyway. Anyone else have any problems with Voodoo HDA on their 540's? cell fanatic, did you rebox your 540?
  7. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    ok, I'm having some issues with my HD4670. Anyone know any work-arounds for this? ****edit*** Ok, I've found a few places that offer explanations. I'll send you links to the relevant kexts to add to your next update, with a tutorial once it's done!
  8. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    ok, so I've installed the kexts. now I'm trying to install the included myhack, but it's hanging saying 'install time remaining - less than 1 minute'. Should I try and quit out of this install process somehow, and run the new myhack you posted above? ah ok, it's installed, just took a while. i'll finish the rest of the guide off and see if it reboots ok. for some reason Voodoo didn't install properly. hmmm. I'll give it another try. VERY COOL!! I have 10.6.4 up and running! Thanks for the heads up on the update! I'm now going to put my Windows drive back into sata2, and my gfx card back in and see what happens. so so happy!
  9. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    Ok, running update here. I took my gfx card out, and now it seems to be installing! Weirdly, I had to plug my mouse and keyboard into the front USB slots which was odd. Still got about 30 mins of install time. But Ill update this post (if that's ok with you guys). Again thanks for the guide, you rule!
  10. SittingNow

    [GUIDE] Dell Studio 540 SL Retail Vanilla

    Hi guys. I'm going to own up to be a total novice at all this up front so you don't shout at me. I have a Dell Studio 540, and I am trying to install Snow leopard using this amazing guide. My machine: Quad Q8200 2.33 ghz 4gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 4670 Edirol external sound card I just want to check that I am following your instructions correctly. I have managed to get 10.5.6 running on here with no problems (other than graphics card) using a method posted here by another user. That worked fine. When I attempted to install using this guide I just keep hitting 'Still waiting for root device'. I have installed my new HDD (exfat 32) on sata port 0, and my DVD drive on Sata port 1. As with my 10.5.6 installation I have disabled speedstep in the bios, and I have temporarily unplugged my windows drive (formerly on sata port 2). Still I am getting the '...for root device' on screen. I have a couple of questions. Could the ATI card be playing havoc with this? If so should I unplug it, and run screen off my mobo? It is currently just running off my ATI card, which still displayed 10.5.6 in basic res. Should I reformat the blank drive? I did the format to exfat In windows. Should I do this a different way? Thanks in advance. You guys are amazing, and after reading this forum you all inspired me to start down this fun path, so keep it up! Ps - weird grammar due to my iPad. Apologies.