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  1. Does anyone in here knows if Hardware Acceleration can be truly enable. Cuz i can only get apple software renderer and not the actual graphics chip. BTW i used openGL Extensions viewer and i was able to notice this when i compared my hp 550 to my macbook3,1 which is very similar
  2. Thanks Giofrida, it worked after all. The only different thing i did was try it on the new 10.7.5 update and i get Full res. Im loving Lion on this HP 550 everything works perfect, even better than windows 7 home which i had before. Again Thanks to everyone for making this old computer usable. BTW i also have Find My Mac enable. Thanks. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for trying giofrida but i still cant get full resolution. I noticed that the graphics kext is not loading at all im on 32 but i also tried 64 with no luck. everything else works great. btw is there a way to assign more than 64mb for graphics on this laptop (hp550 2gb ram) thank you very much for trying to help
  4. Thank for this i got a lot of my devices working thanks to this post. I still can't get pass the 1024x768 resolution on my HP 550 with X3100 (2a12) . I edited the file you provide like you said and booted 32 bit but still cant seem to get better resolution than that. Thank you very much for your great job and effort you put into this