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  1. Need Help! Natit and Sony Vaio FE31H corrupted display during boot

    Can anybody please shed some light on this problem?? I'm sure more people have similar symptoms with natit and titan. Has anyone found a workaround?
  2. Need Help! Natit and Sony Vaio FE31H corrupted display during boot

    How do I change the port to tell natit to use my built in lcd display instead of the vga port? I'm guessing that my sony display is dvi instead of vga, could this be possible and would it be the source of my problem? If so, how do I tell natit to use dvi as primary display?
  3. I am in need of help. I have just bought a new Sony Vaio FE31H to use as a mac and can't for the life of me get the Nvidia 7400tc to work properly. The kext install fine and reboots but after the grey spinning logo during boot, just when i think it should change to the mac logon screen the display goes grey with lines and fades to almost black with a corrupted picture. The laptop continues to boot as the hard disk is fashing and if I push the power button and press enter it will shut down properly so obviously os x is booting fully, just not showing the correct logon screen or desktop on my display. If I boot the laptop with an external monitor plugged into the vga port i am able to boot all the way into os x and my system info show my graphics card as Geforce Go 7400 with turbucache, QE and CI are shown as supported. I'm at a loss as to a solution. I have searched the entire forum but cant find a fix. Any help will be much appreciated.