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    Problems installing Mac OS on HP Mini 5102

    hello, now I got it to work with iAtkos, it is installed. But all the drivers don't work. No Wireless, no ethernet, no bluetooth, no umts, no correct video card driver and so on.... I've tried iDeneb, but there are so many options to choose from and so many possibilities to combine.... I am kind of overwhelmed. so I don't know what to choose from and which combination is the best. The first try I gave it, ended up in a screen looking like kind of a kernel panic..... does anybody know which what drivers it works and how I can figure it out? thanks a lot
  2. Hello I have bought a HP Mini 5102 (the "big" configuration with HD Display, 6 Cell battery, UMTS, and so on) and would like to run Mac OS on it. I have both Leopard and Snow Leopard on Original DVD (because I have a Macbook as well) and would like to know if anyone can help me with installing it. I have put the Mac OS Snow Leopard Install DVD with the help of disc utility (on my macbook) on an 8GB USB stick and used netbook boot maker to make the stick bootable. I can choose to boot from the stick, but then it says "Media test failure, check cable" and starts booting Win. I am wondering if anybody here has any experiences with Mac OS on HP Mini 5102 and can probably tell me if everything works fine with it. I've seen a compatibility chart for the 5101 and it says everything except sleep functionality works fine. It is expected to be the same with the 5102? thanks a lot in advance..